Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Job Description Template

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Written by Alexa Davidson, MSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
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A certified medical assistant (CMA) helps a physician with patient records.

Certified medical assistants (CMAs) have a unique skill set that combines clinical and administrative duties. With over 120,000 job openings for CMAs projected each year, it’s crucial to create a CMA job description that gets seen and brings top candidates to you.

There are many advantages to hiring certified medical assistants. Their training prepares them to work alongside physicians and nurse practitioners, handling clinical and non-clinical duties. CMAs are patient liaisons, educators, and healthcare team members. The most common workplaces for CMAs are medical offices, ambulatory care, or clinics. Here’s how to attract certified medical assistants to your facility today.

To be thoroughly prepared for your next hiring cycle, we recommend preparing a targeted list of interview questions alongside your job posting. Need additional insights to make yourself stand out from your competitors? You can also check out how other facilities are currently advertising their CMA roles on our job board.

Certified Medical Assistant

Tips: What is the most important role of a medical assistant? Each facility has its own answer to this question, and the intro section is a good place to define it. Start the CMA job description with a quick summary of the role. This is more of an overview section, so save details like responsibilities and qualifications for later.

Medical assistants work with a variety of patient populations, so include details here that highlight what makes your healthcare setting unique. Consider a potential candidate’s long-term career goals, such as the desire to specialize.

This is also your chance to catch an applicant’s attention and give them reasons why they might want to work at your facility. If you have any notable awards, distinctions, or perks, you can briefly summarize them here. You may also consider sharing your company values, such as a commitment to a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace.


[Facility name] has become a leader in the healthcare sector, having served our community for more than 80 years. Our mission is to help patients live happier and healthier lives, and we achieve this through the collaboration and innovation of our expert healthcare providers. We are now looking for a certified medical assistant to join our thriving team and contribute to this ongoing mission.

The medical assistant coordinates patient care with the physician or nurse practitioner in the pulmonary clinic. Responsibilities include assisting providers with treatments and exams, preparing patients for visits, and maintaining supplies and equipment. Experience with COPD patients is preferred, but candidates with alternate backgrounds are encouraged to apply. This is a fast-paced and dynamic outpatient clinic, so willingness to learn is a must!


Tips: Showcase the benefits of working at your healthcare organization here. Give the potential candidate as much information as you can about the financial and personal benefits of working at your facility.


  • Competitive pay
  • Employer-matched retirement plans
  • Health benefits (medical, vision, dental)
  • Paid time off
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion training

CMA Duties and Responsibilities

Tips: In the job duties section of the CMA job description, specify the job expectations specific to your healthcare setting. Potential candidates may wonder, “What are the duties of a medical assistant in a hospital?” They likely differ from medical assistant duties in a clinic, so define them here.


  • Collecting medical histories
  • Preparing patients for exams
  • Assisting with medical procedures
  • Performing pulmonary function tests
  • Drawing blood and performing basic blood tests
  • Recording vital signs
  • Documenting medical information
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Arranging hospital admissions
  • Filling out insurance forms
  • Coding, billing, and bookkeeping
  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance

Compensation and Shifts

Tips: Writing a CMA job description is your chance to set expectations for both the candidate and the company. You want the candidate to know they’ll be compensated appropriately for their hard work. It’s a good idea to be transparent about compensation early in the hiring process. In fact, you may be required to provide pay transparency, depending on your state.


  • Hourly pay starting at $21/hr
  • M-F 8a-5p (no weekends or holidays)

Medical Assistant Qualifications and Skills

Tips: Medical assistant training varies, and certification isn’t mandatory in all practice settings. However, certification shows that a candidate demonstrates the competency and knowledge necessary for the job. Certification through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) means the candidate has gone through standardized education and clinical training and passed a nationalized certification exam.

Hiring a certified medical assistant may benefit your facility by:

  • Reducing training costs
  • Lowering the chances of negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Reducing liability insurance premiums


  • High school diploma
  • Graduate of an accredited CMA program
  • CMA (AMAA) certification
  • AHA BLS certification
  • 1-2 years of CMA experience
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Effective communication
  • Working knowledge of CPOE, EMR, Microsoft Excel, and MS Word

Call to Action

Tips: As your certified medical assistant description comes to a close, challenge the potential candidate to take the next steps. You’ve captured their attention up to this point, so now it’s time to get an application. Include instructions and a link to apply for the job in this section. You may also want to use this as an opportunity to clarify any additional requirements, such as a resume or cover letter.


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