Katherine Zheng, PhD, BSN

Content Writer, IntelyCare

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Expertise: Nursing, Health Research, Health Policy
Title: Content Writer

PhD, Columbia University; BSN, Case Western Reserve University

Location: Chicago, IL
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  • Experienced online nurse writer who specializes in delivering the latest academic research to healthcare stakeholders
  • Over 4 years of experience conducting and publishing academic studies on mental health, healthcare services/policy, and nurse burnout
  • Professionally trained in health policy analysis and review methods with experience teaching healthcare research and writing to nursing students
  • Worked as a float pool CNA across 7 different units of a pediatric hospital


Kat is a PhD-trained nurse writer. Clinically, she has worked as a pediatric float pool CNA while completing her rotations in nursing school. After witnessing issues like understaffing and inaccessibility of care, she was inspired to pursue a PhD to explore large-scale solutions for our healthcare system.

Kat spent over 4 years conducting and publishing a variety of studies on mental health, healthcare policy, and nurse burnout. As a nurse writer, she is now driven to make research more accessible to the public. She has experience publishing online health content that is informed by science and is passionate about reaching audiences that can be empowered by this information.

In her spare time, Kat can be found cooking up new Korean recipes, watching storefront theatre, weightlifting, or obsessing over cats.

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