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Are you a Nurse Manager, Scheduler, Director of Nursing, Administrator, or Executive? Are you worried about the impact staffing shortages are having on your healthcare facility’s ability to thrive?

IntelyCare’s industry-leading technology can help you build a balanced nursing workforce to increase census revenue, reduce full-time staff turnover, and improve your CMS Star Rating. Our nursing professionals are available to work on a per diem or contract basis. We’d love to discuss how we can help you reach your staffing goals.

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If you are a nurse or nursing assistant looking to join our network of nursing professionals, please visit our IntelyPro Application.

Why IntelyCare

Control Staffing Levels, Boost Revenue

The IntelyCare platform uses AI-powered matching and pricing to provide a seamless solution for supplementing your full-time staff. Work with IntelyCare to build a sustainable workforce so you can increase referrals and get the revenue and reimbursement your facility needs to thrive.

Per-Diem Nursing Professionals, On-Demand

The IntelyCare platform provides the control needed to better manage your full-time and part-time staff and the flexibility to fill open critical shifts with per diem professionals. Whether you need RNs, LPNs, or CNAs, IntelyCare has you covered.

Retain More Full-Time Nursing Staff

Understaffing is impacting residents and causing more full-time nurses to leave their roles at healthcare facilities. With IntelyCare, you can hire pre-qualified, properly credentialed nurses and nursing assistants to reduce burnout of your-full time staff and give your residents the quality care they need.

Build Your Own In-House Flexible Workforce

IntelyCare knows how to build a flexible nursing workforce. Use the same technology we use to manage our own staff and build a PRN Pool to attract and retain more internal nursing professionals.

No Exclusivity or Commitment Needed

IntelyCare’s nurse scheduling platform and nurse staffing solution are designed to work within your workflow. We give you the flexibility to request shifts and schedule nursing professionals when you need to — no commitment necessary.

All Your Staffing Needs, In One Place

  • Access the IntelyCare Platform Today 
  • Smart Pricing and Matching Algorithms  
  • Engage Nursing Professionals on a Per Diem or Contract Basis 
  • Access Credentials and Audit Reports Instantly 
  • Schedule and Manage Your Internal Staff 
  • Communicate With and Check-In IntelyPros with Geolocation 

Sick of Getting Large Agency Bills?

The good news is that IntelyCare is not an agency, we’re a technology company that can help you achieve your workforce goals. Talk to IntelyCare to learn how we can help you plan for your staffing needs in advance to build a more balanced workforce, so you won’t have to ramp up agency use and spend every time there are staffing lulls.