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Are you a Scheduler, Director of Nursing, or an Administrator at a skilled nursing facility looking for an easier, more reliable nurse staffing & scheduling solution? Are you looking to consolidate or reduce agency usage? IntelyCare can help – and we’d be happy to discuss how.

Ready To Improve Your Staffing & Scheduling?

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Why IntelyCare

An Easier, More Reliable Way to Fill Nursing Shifts

Filling your empty and last-minute nursing shifts has never been easier. Simply log into your custom IntelyCare portal and request any shift for any date. Then, just sit back, relax, and watch how fast our high-quality nurses and nursing assistants pick up your shifts.

Achieve Full Nurse Staffing With Qualified Professionals

Your requested nursing shifts will be instantly matched with our extensive network of nursing providers and sent to the ones that best fit your needs. We automatically verify our nursing professionals’ nursing licenses every week.

Boost Staff Engagement & Prevent Nurse Burnout

Staff retention, happiness, and productivity can all be affected by nurse burnout. IntelyCare’s intelligent nurse scheduling platform makes it easy to predict open shifts, engage staff, and empower nursing professionals to build a schedule that works for them.

No Exclusivity or Commitment Necessary

IntelyCare’s nurse scheduling platform and nurse staffing solution are designed to work within your workflow. We give you the flexibility to request shifts and schedule nursing professionals when you need to— no commitment necessary.

Access Our All-In-One Staffing & Scheduling Solution Today

  • Easily Post Open & Last-Minute Shifts
  • View Personnel Changes and Certifications in Real-Time
  • Communicate and Check-In Your IntelyPro with Geolocation
  • Download Audit Reports Instantly
  • Predict Scheduling Gaps and Keep Nurses Engaged 

Ready To Improve Your Staffing & Scheduling?

If you’re looking for a simpler, more reliable solution for your staffing & scheduling needs, we’d be happy to show you how IntelyCare can help. Request a discussion with our team today.