How to Write a Cover Letter for a Medical Assistant

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This is a great time to be a medical assistant. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 14% increase in medical assistant jobs over the next 10 years. That’s way more than the average for all other jobs. For you, that means there’s never been a better time to get your resume and cover letter for a medical assistant ready.

We have a sample template below, plus some tips you can incorporate if you already have a cover letter. And if you don’t have one, let’s get you started writing a medical cover letter that will make an employer take notice. Start by taking a look at what a good med assistant cover letter might look like:

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Example

Tony Marshall, CMA

Bianca Blanchard
Human Resources Recruiter
ABC Hospital

Dear Ms. Blanchard,

I was happy to see your posting on for a Floating Medical Assistant and have attached my resume to apply for the position.

I am a graduate of the GHI Technical College, a certified two-year program that included a clinical externship at JKL Hospital. I received my certification as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) a year ago. I am currently working for an obstetrics and gynecology clinic while looking for a hospital job.

My nurse supervisor noted in my recent review that I am an empathetic caretaker with excellent communication skills. I enjoy working with our patients as I perform my daily duties of taking vital signs, collecting specimens, and preparing patients for exams. I’ve also been recognized for the administrative work I do. I reorganized our supply room so it was easier to reach frequently stocked items. I also am proficient with EMR data entry, scheduling, and staffing the main office. I thrive in high-energy environments and would enjoy working in a busy hospital with the opportunity to learn more as I am needed in various departments.

I would be grateful to meet with you to learn more about the position and see if I am a good match. I am available any weekday morning until 12:30 p.m. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Tony Marshall

7 Steps to Write a Strong Medical Assistant Cover Letter

The most effective cover letters flow with a simple formula. This makes it easy for an employer to get a good picture of you as a candidate. And even better, it lays out a structure you can use as a template for your cover letter. Here are the sections to include:

  1. Header
  2. Greeting
  3. Introduction
  4. Your Background
  5. Your Qualifications
  6. Conclusion
  7. Sign Off

1. Start at the Top With a Clean Header

Just like with an old-school letter, it’s important to include your contact information and the recipient’s contact information. Make sure you include your name, phone number, and email address. Adding your city and state is optional. Skip a line and include the name of the person you’re writing to, their title, and the company name.

2. Direct Your Greeting to a Specific Person

When you take the time to find out who will be reading your cover letter, you demonstrate one of the essential qualities of a medical assistant — being detailed and thorough. Addressing your cover letter for a medical assistant job to a specific person shows that you are detail-oriented and that relationships are important to you. Writing “To Whom It May Concern” or starting with “Dear Hiring Manager” is also acceptable. You can search for the HR manager’s name on the company’s website or LinkedIn, or do a Google search.

3. Introduce Yourself and Say Why You Are Writing

Make sure the first line of your cover letter includes the job title you’re applying for. (If you’re sending an email, include this in the subject line.) You can take a straightforward approach to this with something like, “I am sending you my resume for the medical assistant position at ABC Company.” You can throw in a bit of flattery or enthusiasm with, “I was excited to see ABC Company is looking for a medical assistant. I’ve heard great things about your facility and would enjoy the opportunity to work there.”

Mention where you saw the job ad. It gives your interest context and helps the company gauge which website or other media is attracting the best candidates.

4. Summarize Your Background

Your resume should include all of your medical assistant skills. For a cover letter, rather than repeating the same list, condense your professional profile into one or two sentences. Things to mention in your cover letter are your training, your certification as a medical assistant, what types of jobs you have held, or why you like being a medical assistant.

5. Match Your Qualifications to the Ad

One way to communicate you’re the best candidate for a job is first to study the job ad. Match your qualifications to those listed in the ad, using the exact wording the employer has used.

For example, if you have worked in a facility for pregnant patients, but the ad refers to their facility as an “obstetric and gynecology practice,” use their wording. Go down the list of requirements and match them to your skills as best you can.

If you have other qualifications not mentioned in the ad that would be relevant, mention them at the end of this paragraph. As a medical assistant, you can separate your qualifications into two lists: one for your administrative skills and one for clinical work with patients.

6. Finish With a Compelling Conclusion

When the hiring manager begins to read your cover letter for a medical assistant, they are trying to determine if they should take the time to move you to the top of the candidate list and interview you.

Reinforce your interest and qualifications at the end of your cover letter by writing something like, “My background working with elderly patients, compassion, and enthusiasm make me the ideal choice for this position.”

Finally, add your availability details. Something like, “I am free to speak with you any weekday until 3:00” gives the employer a range of times.

7. Sign Off Professionally

End your letter with a standard professional sign-off like “Sincerely” or “Warm regards,” plus your name.

How Much Does a CMA Make?

The average annual medical assistant salary is $43,350. The amount you earn is influenced by facility type, location, education level, and experience. The areas that have the highest CMA salaries are:

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