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The Best App for a Flexible Nursing Career

With the IntelyCare app, you can find shifts at your favorite healthcare facilities and create the work schedule of your dreams. Choose from multiple shift options, get paid daily, and manage your credentials, all in our easy-to-use app.

No Paper Applications. No In-Person Interviews. No Stress.


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Your Calling Is Now Your Call

Whether you’re looking for a single shift or to fill your calendar for a few weeks at your favorite healthcare facility, the IntelyCare app has you covered.

Finding the Perfect Shift

1. Use the ‘Explore’ tab to see open shifts near you

2. Choose the one that fits your needs

3. Review the shift details and learn more about the healthcare facility

4. Accept the shift and it will show up on your schedule

Looking for a Little More Consistency?

With Block Booking, you can accept a series of shifts at your favorite healthcare facilities and instantly fill up your calendar.

  1. Scroll down on the ‘Explore’ tab to Block Booking Opportunities
  2. Select the Block that fits your needs
  3. Review the Block details and select the shifts that work for you
  4. Accept the Block and it will show up on your schedule

Get Paid the Same Day You Work

With our DailyPay benefit, you can elect to retrieve a portion of your pay on the same day that you work a shift. You can also track your daily income with updates after every shift you work, access your earnings before payday, and automatically save a portion of your paycheck.

Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Credentials

Sick of scrambling to find your nursing credentials every time you need them? The IntelyCare Credential Passport organizes all of your documents and makes them easily available to you in one click whenever you need them.

Know What You’re Walking Into Before Your Shift

Entering a healthcare facility for the first time can be scary. With the IntelyCare app, before you accept a shift, you can see how other IntelyPros have rated the healthcare facility and get an up-to-date COVID status.

We’ve Always Got Your Back

Meet your IntelyPro Success Manager. Every nursing professional that works for IntelyCare gets a dedicated ISM to ensure that you have everything you need. Your ISM will be with you every step of the way on your IntelyCare journey. Plus, our community of IntelyPro Champions is available 24/7 to provide you with hands-on support.

The Life You Want Starts Here

You help others for a living. Now’s the time to help yourself. With the flexibility to create your own schedule, on your own terms, you can earn a living while you do more living.

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