IntelyCare for Nurse Staffing

Looking for the Right Nursing Professionals for the Right Shifts?

Keeping shifts filled with qualified, engaged, and reliable nursing professionals doesn’t have to be difficult. Team up with IntelyCare to put an end to your healthcare staffing and scheduling woes.

Fill Shifts Faster

With features like overtime support, boost, hero pay, block booking and smart matching algorithms, you’re always a click away from filling your shifts, whether they’re posted at the last minute or weeks in advance.

1 Flexible overtime options allow you to expand the pool of IntelyPros that can accept regular or last-minute shifts.

2 Boost shift rates 15-100% over the base rate to make them more attractive to IntelyPros, or boost every shift with Hero Pay.

3 If you need to fill a shift in the 25th hour, IntelyCare has you covered with smart matching technology to find the right nurse for the job.

Are You Ready for Surprise State Visits and End-of-Year Audits?

Stress-free audits are a real thing with IntelyCare. Set date ranges in your dashboard and when The Joint Commission (TJC) or Department of Public Health (DPH) stops by for a visit, you’ll have instant access to all of the info you need. Plus, you can always pull full reports of all IntelyCare staff with their credentials, CORI check dates, license verification dates, etc.


When the state surprises you with a visit, you’ll be ready! Easily view or download nurse state licensing documents for your care providers.


See each care provider’s individual certifications, from CPR to dementia, and ensure that there are always quality care providers working at your facility.

Background Checks

Instantly access background checks, CORI checks, and drug tests for each provider that has worked at your facility.

Employment History

Easily view each date your providers have worked. See their hire dates, references, and even which floors they’ve worked in the past.

Corporate-Level Reporting

Reporting shouldn’t be hard. Whether you’re a regional manager using IntelyCare at multiple facilities, or you just want an easy way to pull a work history report, IntelyCare makes it simple.

Single Click PBJ Reports

There’s an easier way to well which nurse worked which shift, where they were staffed, and when. Click PBJ in the reports section of your IntelyCare portal and download a CSV or XML for a given timeframe.

Complete Provider Background Data

Get a streamlined view of your care providers’ licenses, certifications, and completed dates, all on one downloadable report, in seconds.

An Easier, More Reliable Way to Fill Nursing Shifts

Are you a Scheduler, Director of Nursing, or an Administrator at a skilled nursing facility? Are you looking for an easier, more reliable nurse staffing and scheduling solution? IntelyCare can help – and we’d love to tell you how.