Certified Medical Assistant Resume and Writing Tips

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Written by Ayana Dunn, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
A nurse in blue scrubs works on her certified medical assistant resume.

As a certified medical assistant (CMA), you’re an integral part of the healthcare team. Prove to your future employer that you’ll be a positive addition to their organization by presenting a strong certified medical assistant resume and cover letter. Below are some helpful tips and a sample resume that you can use as a guide.

3 Writing Tips for CMA Resumes

1. Share Your Strengths in a Resume Summary

Hiring managers receive many applications for jobs. One way to grab their attention is with a medical assistant resume summary. Examples of what you might put in this brief paragraph below your contact information include your experience and accomplishments, as well as what motivates you in your work. Have you been praised for excellent time management? Are you committed to putting a patients’ needs before everything else? Whatever you write should make the reader want to know more about you.

2. Ensure Your Resume Is Professional and Easy to Read

This may seem obvious, but its importance is worth reiterating — make sure your resume meets industry standards. What does that mean?

  • Your grammar and punctuation must be correct.
  • Add spaces between sections to make it easier for the reader to skim.
  • Use bullet points to list your experience, which eases readability.
  • Start with your most recent experience, then go backwards from there.
  • Try to make sure the contents of your resume fit within two pages.

Check out a sample job description for a medical assistant to see what else an employer might be hoping to find in candidates.

3. Include Both Hard Skills and Soft Skills

What is the primary focus of a certified medical assistant resume? Skills that you’ll bring to the role. Use your resume to show off your hard skills — the technical skills you learned in your courses. When possible, quantify the number of times you’ve completed various procedures so your future employer can have a more concrete idea of your experience.

Examples of important CMA skills to include your experience with:

  • Injections
  • Vital signs
  • Urine dips
  • Administering oral medications

Be sure to weave in soft skills like leadership, compassion, and critical thinking, and be sure to elaborate on them in your cover letter.

Example Resume for a Medical Assistant

Looking at medical assistant resume examples is a great way to learn about what your future employer might want to see. For inspiration, check out our nursing resume examples in addition to our sample CMA resume below.

Tokala Howahkan, CMA

Nautical, PA    firstlast@email.com   (555) 555-5555

Conscientious CMA with two years of experience in pediatric, primary, and urgent care. Earned Daisy Award for excellent practice and support of coworkers. Aims to advance career by obtaining a BSN in five years.

Key Qualifications

  • Certified phlebotomist
  • Experienced with all developmental stages
  • Excellent communication and time management skills


Barnacle College, Media, PA 20XX–20XX Certified Medical Assistant

Professional Experience

Yemoja Urgent Care, Philadelphia, PA, 20XX-20XX
Certified Medical Assistant

  • Provided healthcare services to 20 pediatric patients for ailments such as asthma flares, UTIs, dislocations, animal bites, rashes, fevers, and concussions.
  • Took patients’ vital signs, height, and weight during initial assessment.
  • Alerted RN of abnormal vital sign results.
  • Double-checked with caregivers that there were no significant changes to the reasons for the patient’s visit since they made the appointment.
  • Administered oral medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen per the physician’s orders.

Great Barrier Reef Primary Care, Lancaster, PA, 20XX–20XX
Certified Medical Assistant

  • Took vital signs, height, and weight for over 30 patients a day.
  • Communicated abnormal vital sign results to the physician.
  • Injected routine vaccinations.
  • Administered oral acetaminophen and ibuprofen as well as albuterol nebulizers.


Epic, PowerChart, Conversational Lakota

Certifications and Licenses

CMA Salary

The average annual salary for medical assistants is $43,350. The amount you earn is influenced by facility type, which region of the country you live in, education level, and your years of job experience. The areas that have the highest CMA salaries are:

Update Your Certified Medical Assistant Resume Today

Use these tips to create a memorable resume that can bring you closer to landing your next job. Need help looking for your next career opportunity? Search for CMA jobs on IntelyCare today.