Platform Overview

Increase Revenue.
Reduce Costs.
Find Your Perfect
Staffing Mix.

Platform Overview

Increase Revenue.
Reduce Costs.
Find Your Perfect
Staffing Mix.

Control Staffing & Boost Revenue with IntelyCare’s AI-Powered Platform

Whether you’re looking to supplement your workforce with seasoned per diem nursing professionals or want to eliminate agency use with your own Float Pool, our industry-leading technology has you covered.

Staff Direct

Instant access to thousands of thoroughly vetted and credentialed nursing professionals who are available when you need them.

Flex Pool

Technology purpose-built to empower healthcare facilities to improve internal staffing levels, increase census revenue, and use less agency staff.

Healthcare Facilities We Work With

We work with thousands of healthcare facilities across the United States to meet their workforce management needs. Don’t see your type of healthcare system listed here? Reach out to us to see if we can help you!

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Put an end to unsafe staffing ratios at your nursing home. IntelyCare’s team of thousands of RNs, LPNs, CMAs, and CNAs have the advanced training and certifications needed to bring quality to your care team.

Rehabilitation Facilities

Want to increase continuity of care at your rehab center? IntelyCare’s pre-qualified, trained rehabilitation nurses and nursing assistants can give you the staff needed to take on more referrals.

Senior & Assisted Living Facilities

Senior Housing and ALFs require nursing professionals that are trained to provide specialized care to seniors with severe illnesses or injuries. Our IntelyPros can provide you with quality staff to keep your shifts filled.

A Staffing Partner You Can Trust

At IntelyCare, we believe that healthcare facilities shouldn’t have to overpay or sacrifice care quality to stay fully staffed. Our best-in-class technology and customer service make it easy for you to keep shifts filled with quality, reliable nursing professionals while staying within budget. Partner with IntelyCare and let’s work together to achieve your workforce goals.

Hold IntelyCare Accountable

When you partner with IntelyCare, you get dedicated Market, Account, and IntelyPro Success Managers that will visit your healthcare facility and be available as needed to ensure that we’re always meeting your expectations of quality and professionalism.


Frustration-Free Workforce Management

The IntelyCare platform puts everything you need for workforce management at your fingertips. Instantly access credentials, simplify PBJ Reporting, confirm adjusted shift times on the spot, and more.

Billing Transparency

IntelyCare is committed to helping you increase revenue while you keep your staffing costs low. We maintain a consistent margin that allows us to provide quality service and are always willing to walk through our billing process.

Sick of Getting Large Agency Bills?

IntelyCare is not an agency. We are a technology company that can help you achieve your workforce goals. Talk to us to learn how we can help you build a more balanced staffing mix.