A Better Way for Healthcare Professionals to Work Together

About IntelyCare

We are the leading healthcare workforce management platform. Our AI-based float pool management and per-diem matching technology enable healthcare facilities to staff with confidence, while our app gives nursing professionals the scheduling flexibility they deserve. In creating a better working environment for all healthcare professionals, we are helping to end the nurse staffing crisis and ensure that patients receive optimal care.

Mission and Values

Our mission is simple – we want to build Technology to Empower Healthcare Professionals to Work Better, Together. How do we do it? We live and breathe these four values.

Be Driven By Wonder

We think curiosity leads to breakthroughs. Being truly disruptive requires questioning the status quo and finding a better way. Ask “what if?” and see where it leads you.

Take Big Swings

We don’t fear risk, we thrive on it. In the process of our tenacious efforts, mistakes will be made. But we will learn from them, and use them as stepping stones to success.

Carry Forward Care

We believe in a culture of caring. We care about what we do. We care about each other. And we care about our partner healthcare facilities and our nursing professionals as much as they care about their patients.

Together We Thrive

We believe that we succeed as one team, working together with a humble tenacity to make the impossible, possible. There is no room for outsized egos and a “it’s not my job” mentality.

Empowering Healthcare Facilities

IntelyCare is a workforce management partner that helps healthcare facilities attract and retain internal nursing staff. We give you the power to use the same technology we use to manage our own staff of 50,000 to create a flexible Float Pool of your own. With IntelyCare, you can achieve your ideal staffing mix while at the same time eliminating agency and travel nursing use and increasing census revenue.

Empowering Nursing Professionals

We believe that there is a better way for nursing professionals to do the work they love, find balance in their life, and achieve their dreams. Through our easy-to-use app, best in class support team, and full suite of employee benefits, nursing professionals can find the shifts they want, for the rates they deserve. We are committed to building a new reality for nursing.

Why it Works

We are using technology to transform an antiquated healthcare staffing model into something that accommodates everyone – and it is working!

  • To date, our 50,000+ nurses and nursing assistants have completed 18,000,000+ shift hours at 2,000+ healthcare facilities in 31 states.
  • Nursing professionals want to work with us. Healthcare facilities are eager to partner with us. We’re here to bring it all together.

Powered by Our Tech

Our Artificial Intelligence-based platform couples data and behavioral science with advanced machine learning algorithms to produce optimal pay rates and better shift matching, empowering nursing professionals to easily pick up the shifts they want at the rates they deserve, and healthcare facilities to achieve the staffing mix they need to meet their goals and provide proper care for their patients.

IntelyCare’s History


IntelyCare secures the largest-ever venture funding round in nursing with a $112 million Series C investment, surpassing the record we set in 2020.


We partner with 1,600 healthcare facilities, serve 28 states, and fill over 12 million nursing shift hours! Our revenue increases by over 300%.


We rank #41 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list and complete the largest-ever venture funding round in nursing to date with a $45 million Series B investment.


Over 2 million nursing shift hours are completed by nursing professionals using our app!


We announce our first investment, a $10.8 million Series A round led by Leernik, Revelation Partners, Longmeadow Capital, and LRV Health.


100 healthcare facilities sign on to fill their open shifts with IntelyCare. Pope Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center in Weymouth, Massachusetts was the first to partner with us.


IntelyCare is born! We release our first mobile app, enabling nursing professionals to select shifts to work at our healthcare facility partners.

Hear from Our Nursing Professionals & Healthcare Facility Partners


“I love working with IntelyCare because it gives my staff the freedom to live their lives. I know that the staff that IntelyCare sends me will be professional and provide quality care. It is a relationship I trust. With IntelyCare’s intuitive platform providing access to their vast network of dependable clinicians, we can best support staff in our mission of caring for our residents.”

Stephen F., Administrator at The Meadows of Central Mass


“I love the IntelyCare app! Picking up shifts and uploading required documents are both very easy. I also love that the rate for every shift is listed so I know how much I’ll make every time I work.”

Keisha R., RN


“I love IntelyCare, it’s one of the easiest platforms I’ve worked with when it comes to contracting staff. You can see everything that’s going on – the IntelyPro’s profile, if they’ve been vaccinated, when they pick up shifts, and drop shifts. It makes it feel more like they are our own staff, but they’re contracted. You know who is coming in and out of your building.”

Naomi R., Staffing Scheduler at Montefiore of Menorah Park


“As a single mother, I have to make sure I can support my kids financially and still be there for them when needed, without worrying about my work schedule. That’s something only IntelyCare has been able to offer me. I now have the flexibility to work when/where I want and at a great rate. I also have so much support from the team! IntelyCare is more than just an agency. It’s a company where you are treated like family, not just as an employee.”

Maggie B., LPN

Work With Us

IntelyCare is rapidly growing to empower healthcare professionals to work better, together. It takes a strong team to make it all happen! 

Trusted by Healthcare Facilities, Loved by Nursing Professionals

18 million+

Hours Staffed


Healthcare Facility Partners




2022 Inc. Best in Business Honoree

Committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

At IntelyCare, we are unwavering in our dedication to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. We aspire to continuously reimagine the ways nursing professionals work. Nursing is a truly diverse profession. The more diverse we become at IntelyCare, the easier it will become to fulfill our mission.

Thank You To Our Investors