Nursing Professionals, Whenever You Need Them

Worried About the Impact Staffing Shortages Are Having on Your Healthcare Facility?

IntelyCare’s AI-powered platform uses advanced pricing and shift matching algorithms to find the right nurse for the right shift, so your healthcare facility can always have the staff to take on referrals without putting the burden of covering every shift on your nurses.

Improve Staffing Levels and Increase Census

Have a last-minute shift you need to fill or want to build out your staff schedule in advance? All you have to do is go to your IntelyCare staffing portal, enter your shifts, and let our technology do the rest. 

The Staff You Need, On-Demand

Get instant access to hundreds of credentialed RNs, LPNs, CMAs, and CNAs in your area and schedule the toughest to-fill shifts, at the click of a button. 

Fill Shifts the Way You Want

IntelyCare’s platform enables you to easily engage temporary nursing staff on a per diem, Block Booking, or contract basis. 

Put an End to Unfilled Shifts

Our platform uses data and behavioral science with machine learning to show our IntelyPros the shifts that they’re most likely to accept.

Provide Consistent Care

Directly send shift invites to your preferred IntelyPros and create better relationships with your residents. 


“I love IntelyCare, it’s one of the easiest platforms I’ve worked with when it comes to contracting staff. You can see everything that’s going on – the IntelyPro’s profile, if they’ve been vaccinated, when they pick up shifts, and drop shifts. It makes it feel more like they are our own staff, but they’re contracted. You know who is coming in and out of your building.”

Naomi R., Staffing Scheduler at Montefiore of Menorah Park

Frustration-Free Per Diem Staffing

The IntelyCare platform puts everything you need for workforce management at your fingertips. Instantly access credentials, simplify PBJ Reporting, confirm adjusted shift times on the spot, and more.

Billing Made Easy
Timecards in the IntelyCare platform provide the insight needed to make billing processes as straightforward and uncontested as possible.

Take Control of Overtime Costs
Choose your Overtime settings and easily track hours worked so you can make the right call when it comes to overtime spend.

Stop Scrambling During Survey
Get instant access to the information on every IntelyPro working in your building, as well as automated compliance reporting.

Sick of Getting Large Agency Bills?

The good news is IntelyCare is not an agency, we’re a technology company that can help you achieve your workforce goals. Talk to IntelyCare to learn how we can help you plan for your staffing needs in advance to build a more balanced workforce, so you won’t have to ramp up agency use and spend every time there are staffing lulls.