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The IntelyCare Research Group is an initiative that aims to provide data-driven insights to help improve the working lives of nursing professionals, the healthcare organizations that employ them, and the patients they care for. Led by IntelyCare’s Data Science team and a collective of healthcare industry thought leaders, ICRG regularly publishes its findings in an effort to drive systematic changes throughout healthcare.

Report #2

Solving the Shortage: How Gig Working Technology Is Keeping More Nurses by the Bedside

Nearly 75% of nursing professionals chose their career based on a desire to help others. Yet now more than half would not recommend that their children follow in their footsteps. In this IntelyCare Research Group report, we examine the desire for nurses to achieve the same predictability and control over their time that technology is affording other professions. And how those who are finding flexibility in tech-enabled per diem nursing work are less stressed, happier, and more likely to thrive in their careers.

Report #1

Beyond Burnout: Nurses Suffer From PTSD as Spiraling Work Demands Force Them to Sacrifice Their Mental Well-Being

Exhausted by long shifts on understaffed floors, America’s nurses are suffering moral injury from working the frontlines of the pandemic. 56% of nursing professionals are now putting their job before their own well-being. In this report from the IntelyCare Research Group, we examine how the working conditions during COVID have impacted the mental health of nursing professionals as part of a study that found that 41% are considering leaving the profession for good.

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