On-Demand Nurse Staffing

IntelyCare is the first on-demand staffing platform for Nurses and CNAs, serving the best nursing homes & assisted living facilities around. 

Using our network of on-demand RNs, LPNs and CNAs, IntelyCare offers an industry leading fill rate on scheduled staffing requests, including last-minute requests. Per-diem nurses & CNAs can pick up shifts right from our mobile app. It’s easy, fast, & flexible.

Full Coverage

IntelyCare offers industry leading fill rates. When you need nurses or CNAs, we’ve got you covered. Submit your online staffing request and sit back and relax.

You're In Control

At the end of each shift, rate each nurse or CNA. Control the quality of nurses you desire. If you liked a particular care provider, book them again for a future shift.

Robust reporting

Your online reporting dashbord gives you the insights you need. See up-to-the-minute data on past and future shifts & even create a custom PBJ report.

Simplify your scheduling process.

Tired of going back and forth via phone and email, anxiously waiting for hours on end, only to find that your shift remains unfilled? It’s time to simplify the process of scheduling high quality nurses & CNAs.

IntelyCare’s platform notifies thousands of nurses and CNAs of your open shift in real-time. Each qualified care giver has the opportunity to accept your shift request. IntelyCare will work hard to fill every request submitted 36 hours before the shift starts, if it’s not accepted automatically.

Ready to take control of your career?

Are you nurse or CNA looking to make some extra money? IntelyCare’s mobile app allows you to browse through hundreds of shifts in your area and select the shifts you want to work. Only work when and where you want and get paid on a weekly basis.

Sounds awesome, right? It is.

Pick up shifts with ease using IntelyCare’s mobile app.

Nurses and CNAs with IntelyCare can browse available shifts and rates right from their device. Using the mobile app, you’ll be able search for facilities near you, or filter by those that pay the highest rates. With IntelyCare, our providers are able to choose when they want to work and where they want to work. Welcome to the future of nursing.

“I love being able to pick and choose a shift through my phone any time of the day or night. I love that they have regular shifts at most facilities and the ability to work at the same building or group of buildings on a regular basis is there if I wanted it. The schedule, the flexibility, and the staff is amazing!!”

Martha N.

Registered Nurse

“IntelyCare has been a life saver. I used to have to call a few agencies for the same shift and then pray that they’d answer me back in time. Our nurses are also happier now because they don’t need to stay and fill the unfilled shifts. I’ve also been very happy with IntelyCare’s helpful customer service.”

Diane B.

Nursing Home Scheduler

A Staffing Solution You Can Trust

IntelyCare understands how hard you work. We work just as hard to make your life easier. 

Provider Profiles

Before one of our highly skilled nurses or CNAs arrive at your facility, you’ll be able to view their  their credentials, including work history, health documents, and certifications. Their profile includes a picture so you know who’s showing up at your facility.

zero tolerance policy

No Call – No Shows, NO MORE. IntelyCare has a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior. Providers who fail to show up for shift they’ve accepted without calling are terminated immediately.

On-Demand Reporting

Is it time for that state audit? Are you in need of an easier way of pulling information? 

We thought so. In a matter of minutes, you can download and print a full PBJ or Provider Report directly from your console. 

Personal Customer Service

As an IntelyCare customer, you will have be assigned a personal client service representative. Your friendly contact will be able to assist you with any question that may arise.

Get The Best Technology

At IntelyCare, we know technology improves efficiency. As a customer, you’ll have access to your very own IntelyCare tablet to streamline the check-in & check-out process.

Around the Clock Support

We’re in the business of making your life easier. If you ever need help with IntelyCare’s service, we’re here for you. Give us a call anytime and we’ll help you out immediately!

It's so simple, you won't believe it.

Scheduling a shift for a RN, LPN, or CNA has never been easier. With the click of a button, you can request any shift, for any date. Simply log into your IntelyCare custom portal and let us know what you need. Your request will instantly be sent to our large network of providers Then, just sit back, relax and watch how fast our high quality nurses and CNA’s pick up your shifts.

Do you want less headaches and more time?

IntelyCare's platform is 100% free.

No exclusivity or commitment necessary.

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Log in to your personalized portal and submit a request for the shift you need filled. Simply click a few buttons, and you're done.


 After submitting your nurse or CNA request, you'll be notified when a nurse or CNA has picked up you shift. 


Last minute cancellation? No problem. Seriously. Give us 4 hours and we'll do everything we can to get you a replacement.