How to Create a Nurse Hiring Campaign: 5 Steps

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Written by Kayla Tyson Editor, B2C Content, IntelyCare
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Reviewed by Danielle Roques, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
Nurses get oriented to their new jobs after a successful hiring campaign.

Healthcare organizations across the country are facing urgent staffing needs as the supply of nursing professionals falls short of the demand for medical services. One way for facilities to attract candidates and fill positions is through a creative hiring campaign strategy.

The hiring process involves many moving parts, and making small improvements can drastically affect your initiative’s success. In this article, we’ll share some recruitment campaign ideas to help you communicate your organization’s message, attract top-tier candidates, and hire the nursing professionals you need.

Developing a Nurse Hiring Campaign: 5 Steps for Facilities

Recruitment marketing campaigns are used to entice top talent to apply for open positions. Hiring teams utilize a range of strategies — including online marketing, in-person events, and word-of-mouth programs — to carry out these campaigns. These efforts are specifically designed to:

  • Develop and maintain a positive brand image.
  • Create lasting connections with candidates.
  • Encourage qualified candidates to submit their application materials.

Looking to establish your organization’s next nurse hiring campaign? The following steps can help your team develop an individualized recruitment strategy.

Step 1: Define Your Objectives and Messaging

The first step to a successful hiring campaign is to gain clarity about your organization’s specific hiring needs. How many nurses do you need to hire? What qualifications are you seeking? Use these questions to formulate goals for your campaign, which could reference the number of applicants you’re looking for or the expected timeline for filling the positions.

Next, solidify your messaging. Perform market analysis and identify the main selling points that help your organization stand apart from competitors. Be sure to establish a pay rate for the role, but remember that today’s nurses value more than just salary — consider offering these employee benefits and assurances as well:

  • Career advancement and growth
  • Work-life balance
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Safe working conditions
  • Positive workplace culture

Tailor your messaging to attract nurses with sought after qualities such as integrity, empathy, and professionalism. Developing hiring campaignslogans can help you publicize your message in a succinct and catchy way.

Step 2: Craft Appealing Job Postings

Writing clear and engaging job descriptions can help you showcase the best of your organization. Include the job title and provide a brief overview of your organization’s mission, vision, and values. Bear in mind that your postings must comply with recruitment laws, which outline regulations for hiring conduct.

Then, review the details of the role, including the required responsibilities, qualifications, and certifications. Make sure to coordinate with your hiring manager or recruiter to ensure that the posting matches the specific needs of the unit.

It’s also a good idea to include a compensation range and the scheduling requirements of the position. This will attract applicants whose goals align with your organization’s needs. At the end of your job posting, add a call to action to tell prospective candidates exactly how they can apply.

Step 3: Use Multiple Recruitment Channels

Utilize a variety of methods to spread the word about your open positions. Recruitment campaign examples include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Posting on nursing job boards.
  • Advertising on social media platforms.
  • Establishing partnerships with nurse ambassadors.
  • Forming connections with nursing education programs.
  • Attending nursing conferences and job fairs.

Consider launching an employee referral program, which will incentivize your current staff to reach out to other nursing professionals they know. This can be an effective way to find top talent, as your current staff is already familiar with your facility’s workplace culture and working conditions and is likely to recommend individuals who would be a good fit.

It’s a good idea to direct each channel of your hiring campaign to your organization’s website. This can help applicants learn more about your company, engage with your branding and content, and submit their application materials. Be sure to update your website design so you can make a good first impression.

Step 4: Optimize the Application Process

It’s essential that your application process is straightforward to prevent losing qualified candidates. Employing a user-friendly online application system allows candidates to submit information and required documentation with ease. Ensure that your application system can be used on mobile devices.

Prioritize consistent communication throughout the application process, such as sending application confirmation emails, status updates, and reminders about next steps. Additionally, create a process for candidates who may have questions and prioritize prompt response times.

Step 5: Track Effectiveness and Adjust Accordingly

Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign to identify any necessary changes. Track metrics like the overall number of applicants on a posting, the number of candidates who meet qualifications, and the time it takes to fill the vacancy. Consider conducting candidate surveys to gather feedback about the application process. Then, make adjustments as necessary to improve the campaign’s effectiveness.

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