Kayla Tyson

Editor, B2C Content, IntelyCare

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Expertise: Business, Education, Marketing, English
Title: Editor, B2C Content

B.S., Messiah University

Location: Tacoma, WA
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  • Editor and content writer specializing in producing SEO-optimized web content for B2C and B2B audiences
  • Online content marketing experience in the legal, healthcare, and career verticals
  • Experience in online market research, industry surveys, digital content strategy, lead generation, content distribution, and graphic design
  • Former small business manager for a family-owned company


Kayla Tyson is an online editor, writer, and content developer with over 5 years of combined experience working in content marketing and in educational curriculum development for a leading educational technology company.

As part of IntelyCare’s Performance Content editorial team, she is directly involved in B2C content marketing strategies, from ideation to publication, and helps to train and manage a team of content writers in SEO and editorial best practices. As an editor and writer, Kayla regularly produces a high-volume of evidence-based marketing content that is informative and helpful for nursing professionals and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

Before launching her career in online content marketing, Kayla was a copy editor, a managing partner of a small business, and an educator with multi-state teaching experience. These combined careers developed Kayla’s interpersonal, technical, and business management skills, along with her fine eye for detail. Kayla draws upon her experience as an educator and a business manager to provide unique educational and career development insights for consumers.

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