IntelyCare Benefits: What Healthcare Heroes Deserve

IntelyCare Benefits: What Healthcare Heroes Deserve

At IntelyCare, we believe that healthcare heroes like you deserve excellent benefits, commensurate with the quality care you give. So as an IntelyPro, you can access retirement and health benefits, Intelypro Champions to support you, training courses, IntelyCare swag, and an online community of IntelyPros like you.

IntelyCare is a W2 employer, which means you can have the choice between being a contractor and an employee. W2 employees have a wide variety of benefits while still offering the freedom and flexibility healthcare professionals deserve. Get more information on the difference between a W2 employee versus a 1099 contractor here.

Retirement and Health Benefits

In addition to weekly direct deposit pay, access to shift bonuses, overtime, Hero Pay, and quarterly sweepstakes, you’ll have access to a wide variety of benefits. As a W2 employer, we offer direct deposit, contribute to payroll taxes, provide workers’ compensation coverage, and malpractice insurance coverage. We also provide the chance to participate in comprehensive healthcare and retirement benefits. These benefits include health, dental, vision, life, and supplemental life insurance to those who qualify. We also offer 401k plans to qualified IntelyPros, helping you save for retirement.

IntelyPro Champions

Online gig work may seem lonely if you’re coming from a facility with a strong support system and sense of community. But with IntelyCare, you’ll have a personable support system ready to help whenever you need it. We provide all of our IntelyPros with access to IntelyPro Champions, who are there to answer your questions and provide you with a support system that’s as compassionate as it is helpful. Your Champions are there to help get you through the hiring and credentialing process to your first shift and beyond.

Training Courses

We also make sure that our IntelyPros always have access to the training programs they need to stay on top of their work. You’ll have a breadth of in-app training courses, shift orientations, and continuing education training, all from our education platform that’s at your fingertips. Our training course offerings include COVID-19 best practices, donning & doffing PPE, advanced infection control, techniques to approach care, dietary needs, workplace guidelines, working with dementia residents, fire safety, social needs & appropriate activities and elder abuse & neglect.

IntelyCare Swag

IntelyPros also have the chance to get IntelyCare brand gear such as scrubs, masks, and other apparel that’s sure to turn the heads of your friends and co-workers. So with one look, your fellow IntelyPros will know you’ve got each other’s backs, and your patients and co-workers will see that you bring quality care wherever you go!


DailyPay is here! Get paid the same day you complete a shift by signing up to be enrolled.  DailyPay is a voluntary benefit that allows you to access your pay when you need it! This feature enables you to pay bills on time, avoid late fees and pay for unexpected expenses.

Online Community of IntelyPros

You’ll have the chance to connect to an online community of IntelyPro nursing professionals from all over the country. As a part of a network of peers, you’ll have access to support and advice from your fellow IntelyPros. 

Keep advancing your nursing career and be a part of the future of nursing by finishing your application and picking up more shifts!

If a flexible work schedule along with high-quality benefits is what you need in your healthcare career, then sign up to become an IntelyPro today.


Join Today

If you are a nurse or nursing assistant looking to join our network of nursing professionals, please visit our IntelyPro Application.

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