1099 or W2: Which is better for Per-Diem Nursing Professionals?

If you’re a nursing professional on the hunt for a flexible schedule and great pay, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon your fair share of per-diem job opportunities. While there’s plenty of on-demand nursing jobs available, there are key differences in the type of employment that goes with per diem work. The two main options of employment you’ve probably come across are likely the W2 and 1099 models. But what’s the difference between these two options, and which choice is right for you?

Let’s dig in.

W2 vs. 1099 Nursing Gigs: What’s the Difference?

There are two employment models under the IRS; the W2 employment model and the 1099 employment model. But to avoid getting too technical, the main difference between W2 and 1099 workers is coverage. W2 workers are employees, while 1099 workers are independent contractors.

So, why is W2 often a better option for per-diem nurses?

While there are plenty of reasons why 1099 work is attractive, W2 employment might benefit you in the long run for a few reasons.

Higher Long-Term Earnings Potential

Many 1099 employers boast high-paying wages, which can be a big draw for the per-diem nurse working week to week. But unfortunately, 1099 employers don’t cover a percentage of their employee’s taxes as a W2 employer would. So, when tax time rolls around, 1099 workers can find themselves owing money to the government and paying back many of their hard-earned earnings in taxes.

So keep in mind that while W2 gigs may offer slightly lower rates, you might end up earning more long-term because they not only chip in for taxes but also provide employees perks like overtime earnings.

Benefits and Less Risk

Unlike 1099, W2 employers consider nurses their employees and have to extend their benefits packages to you. While it depends on the employer, these benefits often include healthcare and dental coverage, life insurance, and disability plans. Frequently, W2 employers also provide matching 401(k) programs, which can help you save for retirement. Finally, and most importantly, W2 employers will cover their employees for malpractice insurance – so if something does go wrong, the liability falls on the employer, not the nurse. So for employees who want a bit less risk, W2 work may be for you.


Historically, working 1099 has provided nursing professionals with the freedom to work when, where, and how they want. And that can be priceless. But with the adoption of recent technologies, healthcare employers like IntelyCare have provided the freedom and flexibility of 1099 work with the ease of working W2.

W2 is the future of nursing gig work.

Nursing professionals deserve new, better ways to work, now more than ever before. But they also deserve to be protected by their employers. For many nursing professionals, working as a W2 employee makes sense. Knowing an employer will provide health insurance, submit taxes on their behalf, pay into their retirement, and cover them under their malpractice insurance if things go wrong takes the guesswork out of contract work. As the on-demand nursing market grows, employers will have to leverage technology and W2 employment to give modern-day healthcare heroes the freedom, flexibility, and benefits they need.

As an on-demand nurse staffing solution, IntelyCare has chosen to reduce the risk for our nursing professionals and exclusively hire W2 employees. In addition, we pay healthcare heroes weekly, offer direct deposit, contribute to payroll taxes, provide workers compensation insurance, and even give you the chance to participate in health care and retirement benefits if you qualify. And, you’ll finally have the freedom to choose when and where you work, all from our easy-to-use app.

So, are you ready to transform the way you work and join the future of nursing? Apply today.

With IntelyCare, Get the Benefits You Want and Deserve

As a W2 employee, you’ll earn weekly pay that’s 25% higher than average, plus additional benefits that include:

  • DailyPay: access your pay when you need it.
  • Eligible for Health, Dental and Vision Benefits; including individual and family coverage.
  • Eligible for 401k program.
  • Unlimited bonus opportunities, and hazard pay where available.
  • Overtime and Holiday Pay.
  • Access to IntelyPro Champions who are there to help get you through the hiring and credentialing process to your first shift and beyond.
  • IntelyCare Swag (scrubs, masks, and more).
  • Employer-paid Taxes.
  • Workers’ Compensation.
  • Retirement Benefits.
  • Malpractice Insurance.
  • Matching and scheduling tools that allow you to set long-term, contract-type engagements with facilities of your choice.
  • In-App Training at your fingertips. Access shift orientations and continuing education training, all from our education platform.
  • An Active Online Community. Connect with your peers for support, shared experiences, and advice!

Join Today!

If you are a nurse or nursing assistant looking to join our network of nursing professionals, please visit our IntelyPro Application.

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