Introducing IntelyRetreat Wellness Summit 2023

IntelyCare will soon be hosting our new, next-level IntelyRetreat Wellness Summit 2023. Last year, IntelyCare reinvented Nurses Week by reimagining what appreciation looks like. We invited nurses and nursing assistants to join us for a cruise to the Bahamas so that they could really take time for themselves.

This year, we knew we needed to bring our A game to make sure nurses continue to get the respect they deserve. That is why we are excited to announce for Nurses Week 2023, our IntelyRetreat event is happening in Orlando and includes even more education, wellness, and networking!

What Is IntelyRetreat Wellness Summit?

This IntelyCare retreat will host nurses and nursing aides in Orlando, Florida, May 16–19 to upskill, unwind, and uplift themselves for Nurses Week 2023. IntelyRetreat will offer space for nurses to relax in sunny Florida with the excitement of Disney in the air, provide continuing education resources, and offer the opportunity to meet hundreds of other nurses from across the U.S.

We know that nurses are lifelong learners as they are constantly asked to learn new procedures, new medications, new devices and equipment, and new science. We also know that nursing professionals sometimes sacrifice themselves for the good of their patients.

These are just a few of the reasons why IntelyCare created our IntelyRetreats – to give nurses space to reinvest in themselves. Nurses choose this work because they want to help others, but if they stop taking care of themselves, then both nurses and patients can suffer. IntelyCare presents our retreats as a way to give nurses the chance to not only recharge physically, but mentally and professionally as well.

What Can I Expect at IntelyRetreat 2023?

IntelyRetreat Wellness Summit 2023 is going to have a little bit of everything that you need to fully rejuvenate by the pool, build your skills, and connect with your fellow nurses. Within close proximity to Disney and entertainment planned, you’ll have a packed four days. Here are just a few details of this IntelyCare summit. 

Relaxation You Deserve

The only way to truly provide the best care for your patients is to take care of yourself. As our keynote, Dr. Jamie Huysman, PsyD., LCSW, CCFT will explain, you must put on your own oxygen mask before you can assist others. At IntelyRetreat, we’ll have lots of opportunity for you to unwind with other nursing professionals such as:

  • Opening night happy hour with a DJ
  • Dance night with a DJ, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres
  • Innovation Hall with premier nursing organizations, schools, and vendors
  • Relaxation Hall featuring a Zen room, yoga, mindfulness, and Reiki
  • Discounted tickets to all Disney parks
  • Book of discount coupons from Disney Springs restaurants and merchants

The Education You Need

When it was time to plan this year’s IntelyCare retreat, we really wanted to make sure it felt like an experience nurses could get excited about — this isn’t one more return to nursing school!  So, we polled our nurses and nursing aides to understand what you wanted to learn. 

The top answers across the board were around practical skills, self-care, and CPR training. You’ll have time to rest and rejuvenate with sessions led by expert coaches. There will also be space to consider career pathways and learn from educational partners that can support your next step. We are excited to announce the following courses: 

  • Career Pivots Panel
    • Hear from several schools with options for the next career move. Options for on-ground, online, hybrid, and everything in between. 
    • CNA-Medication Aide, LPN to ADN, RN-BSN, and beyond
  • American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR
    • Partnering with the AHA training provider, we will offer the online course and on-ground skills assessment.
    • Get your CPR renewed today! (Please note there is an additional cost to add on the CPR course.)

How Do I Join the IntelyRetreat Wellness Summit 2023?

To join us for this year’s Nurses Week retreat, you can find all of the information to register on the IntelyRetreat Wellness Summit page

If you’re still on the fence, just listen to what these nurses said about last year’s Intely@Sea event. We look forward to seeing you May 16–19 in Orlando!


Join Today

If you are a nurse or nursing assistant looking to join our network of nursing professionals, please visit our IntelyPro Application.

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