How to Write a Press Release for a Healthcare Facility

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Written by Kayla Tyson Content Writer, IntelyCare
A medical professional is learning how to write a press release for her facility.

A press release can be a great way for a business to generate positive news related to their brand. If you’re interested in promoting complementary coverage for your healthcare facility, you likely want to learn how to write a press release.

Healthcare organizations can benefit from press releases because they help raise awareness about initiatives, promote new services, and contribute to a positive perception within the community. This article provides an explanation of healthcare press releases and outlines some steps you can take when writing one for your organization.

What Is a Healthcare Press Release?

Press releases are written statements that are sent to media outlets to announce news or events. This allows an organization to carefully select the wording, topic, and message of their brand. The ultimate outcome is for a press release to be picked up by a news organization for use in published content such as articles, social media posts, news segments, or other features.

When it comes to healthcare, these types of announcements can be used to announce the opening of new facilities, the hiring of new physicians, achieving magnet designation, the launch of a new service, or other happenings. They can also include information about the facility’s mission as well as quotes from stakeholders.

Why Should You Learn How to Write a Press Release?

You may be wondering why learning how to write a press release for an event is important for a healthcare organization. If the focus of healthcare is providing quality care to patients, why spend valuable time focusing on press releases?

Simply put, your organization needs to be able to reach and attract patients in order to provide care. Employing healthcare marketing is essential to get the word out about what your facility or residence offers.

Press releases are just one of many tactics you can use to build a positive brand, in addition to designing a quality website, using social media, and managing online reviews. Regardless of whether you’re a marketing professional, sending out a press release can be a great way to generate positive news about your facility or residence.

How to Write a Press Release

Once your organization has a newsworthy event or update to share with the public, it’s time to craft a press release. While there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all approach to these types of announcements, the following press release guidelines will guide you:

1. Choose a Strong Headline

Your headline should be eye-catching and concise, avoiding overly complex terminology. Make sure it summarizes the main point of your announcement. Remember, a journalist will be sifting through these press releases, so to get yours published it will need to be straightforward yet memorable.

2. Introduce Your Message

At the start of your press release, try to get to the main point quickly. Consider answering the questions “who, what, when, and where” to provide needed context. Try to strike the balance of sharing enough detail while also keeping it succinct.

3. Add Compelling Quotes

Quotes from leaders of your organization, such as a medical director or CEO, can help add a human element to your press release. This personalized element draws in readers and boosts the authority of your statement.

4. Prove the Importance

When someone reads your press release, they may eventually ask “so what?” Try to include information about the relevance and usefulness of the information so readers understand why it matters. For example, if your healthcare organization is opening a new facility, explain the implications it will have for the community and patients.

5. Make it Clear

Keep in mind that you’ll be sending your press release to a professional who may not be in the healthcare industry with the hope that the message reaches a broader public audience. Make sure to avoid using medical jargon and double-check your grammar before sending.

6. Include Contact Information

Be sure to share contact details somewhere in your healthcare press release, in case the news outlet would like to request further information. It’s best to share a specific individual’s contact information as opposed to the organization’s main line. Also, it’s helpful to add links to any social media channels where your facility can be found.

7. Sell Your Brand

At the end of your press release, you’ll want to include a boilerplate statement — a paragraph emphasizing the benefits and core components of your organization. This paragraph is typically standardized and reused on any press release your facility puts out, with the goal of proving your authority in the medical sphere.

Consider adding these elements into your organization’s press release, but remember that there is no exact formula. Your press release will differ depending on your organization’s specialty, news, and goals for the statement. Prioritize clear communication with the stakeholders in your facility to ensure that any press releases align with the company’s values and objectives.

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