This information sheet answers questions commonly asked by our partnered facilities about COVID-19.

As information continues to be made available, the IntelyCare team is here to ensure you receive all appropriate guidance to prevent the spread of this virus in your community.

How is IntelyCare preparing their workforce (IntelyPros) to treat and prevent the spread of COVID-19?

We’ve launched one of the first COVID-19 trainings designed specifically for nursing facilities.

  • IntelyCare launched an in-app COVID-19 Best Practices Course to keep nursing professionals up to date on safe COVID-19 prevention and treatment practices, and to help keep patients safe.
  • All IntelyPros have access to take our COVID-19 Best Practices Training prior to picking up a shift at IntelyCare. This training course is the first certification designed specifically for nursing facilities and their staff. In this course, staff will learn how to treat and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • IntelyPros who take this course will also receive a nursing certification of one contact hour that utilizes their professional nursing license.

How will IntelyCare protect my facility from potentially exposed IntelyPros?

At IntelyCare, we are taking a proactive approach to protecting our IntelyPros, our facilities, and their patients. Each of our nurses and nursing assistants will be required to take our COVID-19 Symptoms Questionnaire.

How it works…

  • All IntelyPros will receive this questionnaire 36 hours before their shift start time. If an IntelyPro picks up a shift less than 36 hours before shift start time, they will be sent the survey upon accepting the shift.
  • The survey will ask the IntelyPro if they have recently traveled to countries designated as a Level 2 or Level 3 COVID-19 alert by the CDC. They will also be asked if they have experienced a fever, cough, or shortness of breath in the last 14 days.
  • IntelyPros that report experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be removed from the shift and a member of our team will reach out immediately.

Will IntelyCare inform a facility if an IP exposed to COVID-19 has worked at their facility?

We will be notifying facilities if an IntelyPro has been classified as having direct contact with a COVID-19 positive patient. We are utilizing a 14 day look back for any individual who is classified by the CDC as “low risk” or higher and notifying the facilities where this healthcare professional has worked post direct contact exposure.

How is IntelyCare monitoring outbreaks at facilities?

We ask that facilities report their COVID-19 status to IntelyCare. Facilities that have confirmed case(s) will be flagged in the IntelyPro app.

Facilities in green have had no reported case(s).

Facilities in yellow have reported case(s) at the facility.

Can a facility choose whether to allow exposed IntelyPros to work in their facility?

Yes. Your Client Success Manager can set this for you. There are two possible settings:

  1. Accept IntelyPros who have not been exposed in the last 14 days
  2. Accept any IntelyPro regardless of exposure

IntelyPros working at facilities with active cases of COVID-19 are considered ‘exposed.’

How are exposed IntelyPros designated and tracked?

If IntelyCare learns of a facility with a COVID-19 exposure, we will contact the facility to isolate whether or not an IntelyPro has had direct contact with a patient with COVID-19.

  • We will first notify the IntelyPro that they have worked at an exposed facility
  • If we find out that the IntelyPro has had known direct contact with COVID-19, they will be put on hold for 14 days from time of direct contact and not be allowed to pick-up shifts at other facilities
  • IntelyPros will be allowed to return to work at a facility after they have been on hold for 14 days, and only if they can also pass the symptom questionnaire.
  • IntelyPros who have had known direct exposure and who pass the symptoms questionnaire can still work at the facility where they were exposed but only if the facility approves
  • If we are unable to substantiate direct contact via the facility, we will forward the information of the Nursing Department Management at the facility to the IntelyPro so that they can do their own discovery

What can we do if we really need your help in filling shifts…can we pay higher rates, offer incentives, etc?

Our Boost feature gives facilities the power to boost the rate of their shift(s) to make them more attractive to IntelyPros. IntelyCare does not profit from the boosted shift rate – the extra cash goes directly to the IntelyPro.