Intely@Sea Nursing Leaders and Subject Matter Experts – Who’s Who?

Intely@Sea is a five-day cruise out of Miami, Florida to the Bahamas, taking place May 9 – 13, 2022 in honor of the new Nursing Professionals Week! We are so excited to be a part of this celebration. It is definitely going to be a trip to remember!

Joining us on the cruise will be some of the most prominent and well-respected subject matter experts and leaders in the nursing world. Some of them will be teaching courses on board for CEU credits. But best of all, each of them will be available to network and share their stories with you!  Everyone joining us on the cruise brings something unique to the table in terms of their experience and passions.

So, who’s who?

Lynn Barry, MSN, RN

Lynn Barry, MSN, RN is the Director of Clinical Quality and Compliance at IntelyCare. She is an innovative, results-oriented nursing leader who is committed to improving health outcomes and health equity. Lynn is skilled in applying Lean methodologies for continuous process improvement in an effort to deliver coordinated, high-quality care. Her experience spans a wide range of health care settings from teaching hospitals to independent ambulatory practices, corporate partnerships and even participating in building a field hospital during a pandemic. Lynn excels in developing collaborative cross-team relationships to reduce risk and meet quality and compliance goals. We are lucky to have her at IntelyCare! 

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Ashly Brown, STNA

Ashly Brown is a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) and the Founder of Raising with Confidence, a company whose mission is to recognize and celebrate the contributions of STNAs and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in healthcare. She has been in healthcare for over 15 years and is passionate about being an advisor for her peers, and to those who are interested in joining the healthcare profession.

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Chris Caulfield, MSN, RN

Chris Caulfield, MSN, RN is a co-founder and Chief Nursing Officer at IntelyCare. He is passionate about building technology that helps increase the work-life balance of nurses. As a nurse-entrepreneur, he loves to solve problems and is trying to figure out easier solutions.

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Larry DeHoyos, CPCS, PESC

Larry DeHoyos, CPCS, PESC is a nationally certified Provider Credentialing Specialist. He holds a certification in Provider Enrollment and has over 22 years of experience as a medical staff professional. Larry has worked in the managed care space, within large university health systems, and in single specialty/multispecialty medical groups.

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Andrea Jaramillo, BSN, RN

Andrea Jaramillo, BSN, RN is a Clinical Research Nurse, Nurse Consultant, Hospice Nurse, Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Nurse Farmer. She was recently featured on The Drew Barrymore Show as part of a segment highlighting the contributions of nurses in healthcare.

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Joshua Littlejohn, MPH, MSN, RN, CSPO  

Joshua Littlejohn, MPH, MSN, RN, CSPO is the Product Manager of Nurse Experience at IntelyCare. Prior to joining the IntelyCare team, Joshua served in a wide variety of nursing and public health roles, in addition to working in software product management. Joshua leverages over 10 years of experience across different healthcare ecosystems to create products and experiences that bring value to patients, providers, and communities. He has a particular passion for products that not only keep us healthy, but also foster better connections between people.

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Rebecca Love, MSN, RN, FIEL

Rebecca Love, MSN, RN, FIEL is the Chief Clinical Officer at IntelyCare. In addition to her role as CCO, Rebecca serves as the President of SONSIEL. She is a regular guest speaker on podcasts, delivers keynotes at various industry conferences and events, and is a daily advocate for nurses everywhere. Rebecca volunteers her time on a variety of boards related to furthering nursing innovation, including Johnson & Johnson’s Quickfire Challenges. Rebecca was the first nurse to deliver a TED Talk and is recognized internationally for her ongoing contributions to changing the healthcare landscape by giving nurses a seat at every table where decisions are being made.

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Hiyam Nadel, MBA, RN 

Hiyam M. Nadel, MBA, RN is the Director of the Center for Innovations in Care Delivery at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, MA. In this role, she is both a mentor and “incubator” of ideas for front-line caregivers who conceive an idea, from the prototyping stage and beyond. She is currently an inaugural Johnson and Johnson Innovation Fellow. 

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Veronica Southerland, APRN, FNP-BC, DNP(s)

Veronica Southerland, APRN, FNP-BC, FIEL, DNP(s) is a 2019 Inaugural Nursing Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership SONSIEL Fellow, entrepreneur, and speaker, also known as “Vee the NP.”

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Reta Underwood, RAC-CT, C-NM, QCP, CPC

Reta A. Underwood, RAC-CT, C-NM, QCP, CPC has over 34 years of professional work experience in the long-term care industry. Reta’s experience has included management and director positions with nursing facilities and health care companies. She has also provided corporate-wide MDS support services, numerous mock surveys, regulatory compliance correction, educational programs, clinical documentation, quality assurance programming, and most recently implemented PDPM in facilities nationwide.

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Eveline Vieira, CNA

Eveline Vieira is a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and an IntelyCare Client Success Manger. She utilizes her clinical experience as a CNA to empower IntelyPros every day. 

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Rachel West, MSN, MHA, RN

Rachel West, MSN, MHA, RN is the Director of Education at IntelyCare. She has over 15 years of experience in Higher Education and five years of ICU/Hospice clinical experience. One of her goals as Director of Education at IntelyCare is to make education accessible to everyone, and to provide support and enrichment for nursing students every step along the way. Rachel is passionate about education, nursing, and innovation, and is one of the visionaries behind Intely@Sea.  Stay up to date on info, tips, and stories from your fellow IntelyPros! And don’t miss out on key resources we share on our socials!

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