Top Nursing Blogs 2021 – #3 – The Nurse Speak – Damion Jenkins Profile

Damion Jenkins is the author of The Nurse Speak and the third place winner of our Top Nursing Blogs contest.

Damion is passionate about nursing education, and has dedicated himself to enhancing the nursing profession. His work, and his blog, focus on how to deliver high-quality education, consulting, collaboration, coaching and mentorship.

Over the course of his career Damion has been a Registered Nurse, Nurse Educator, Nursing Program Coordinator, and so much more!

Check out his blog here and read on for a Q&A with Damion.


IntelyCare: Tell us about your blog, our third place Top Nursing Blogs winner!

Damion: “The Nurse Speak blog was born in 2015 and consists of NCLEX Prep, Professional Practice Recommendations, Inspirational Quotes, Nursing Entrepreneurship, and Nursing Education.” 

IntelyCare: What inspired you to start writing about nursing? 

Damion: “I was inspired to start writing when I found so many new nurses were struggling with transitioning into professional nursing practice, and really struggling with reality shock. I too experienced reality shock and nearly left the profession altogether within the first 6 months of my professional practice, so I saw a need to speak to these individuals. I knew creating a blog would be the easiest way that I could reach those who needed to receive my wisdom, experience and recommendations – something that I wished I had available to me when I was first transitioning into nursing practice.” 

IntelyCare: What has surprised you the most about writing a blog? 

Damion: “What surprised me the most is that I started receiving a lot of comments, shares and engagement with my posts from all over the world! I even started having Nursing Professional Organizations add my blog to their recommended lists, and received several honorable mentions related to my writing. I was very surprised that my words could travel so far, and that individuals would enjoy my writing to the extent that they did.” 

IntelyCare: How has your blog fostered a sense of community for your fellow nurses? 

Damion: “My blog has fostered a sense of community among new graduate nurses as well as established professional nurses – some of whom are at the TOP of their game. It’s great to see such a diverse group of individuals engaged in my work, sharing, commenting and adding to the evolving discussions we have as a profession.” 

IntelyCare: What is the most surprising thing that has happened to you as a result of writing your blog? 

Damion: “I think the most surprising thing, which is also the most exciting thing, are the MANY opportunities I’ve received to use my skills and my knowledge to help others develop strategies for success. Speaking at national conferences, appearing on podcasts, landing contracts for writing or curriculum design, and running my own business all started with my blog.” 

IntelyCare: Why did you decide to pursue a career in nursing? 

Damion: “I decided to enter into nursing when I learned of the amazing opportunities that nursing had to offer. A good friend of mine was married to an OR nurse and I found both his role and the work-life balance that he was able to achieve as a nurse really interesting. I knew I’d be good at it too because I love helping people!” 

IntelyCare: What do you love most about being a nurse? 

Damion: “What I love the most about being a nurse is how many transferrable skills and how much knowledge I’ve gained from my training and experience that can be applied to ANY job, role or task! Nurses are truly the BEST problem solvers, the BEST managers, and the BEST care providers – so we can take on any job and do it well!”

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