National Nursing Assistants Week – June 16th-22nd

Nursing Assistants Week is a week to celebrate all the nursing assistants worldwide for the work they do, providing life-saving, compassionate care.

It’s a week we have to thank the CNAs, STNAs, GNAs, LNAs, SRNAs, and more who care for us and the people we love most. 

This group rarely gets the attention or recognition they deserve. See what IntelyCare is doing in 2022 to support our Nursing Assistants.

Celebrating our CNAs during Nursing Assistants Week 2022 

This year, we see Nursing Assistants Week as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate our nursing communities. Thank you for everything you do! IntelyCare would not exist without you!

Kulah Mulbah, CNA

Meet, Kulah Mulbah! She is a CNA from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but spent part of her childhood in Liberia and Ghana. She started her nursing career as a medical assistant at a doctor’s office. She then worked as a CNA in hospice care at Abington Hospital in Abington, Pennsylvania. During her nursing work, she began to experiment with IntelyCare.

“The traditional CNA job has little growth at all. You’re stuck from paycheck to paycheck. With IntelyCare, I can meet new people, solve new problems, and grow my professional and personal experiences by visiting different facilities. And it helps that I have the chance to earn better pay every time I take a shift.”

Kulah is a dedicated and hard-working CNA, who finds her hospice care work extremely rewarding.

Marilily Guitierrez, CNA

Meet one of our Certified Nursing Assistants, Marilily Guitierrez! When she was just 17 years old, a family from church asked her to take care of their grandma with dementia. When she took care of her, she learned a lot about how dementia affects the mind and the impact that someone with dementia has on the people around them.

“Even though she couldn’t remember things, for some reason she was okay with me taking care of her. We grew a real bond, and I loved it. In elder care, I know I can make a difference in their lives by taking care of them and connecting with them. From there, my grandmother gave me money to get a CNA license in Manhattan.”

Marilily’s superpower is her ability to care deeply for her patients and people around her.

Drive Your Education Further

Being able to move forward in your career is important, that’s why IntelyCare has launched IntelyEdu which offers easy-to-access educational resources and certified continuing education courses. During Nursing Assistants Week, we are offering our course, the Post-Acute Care Competency Training (PACCT) 100% free to all nursing assistants – not just our IntelyPros. This course bundle is worth 20 CE hours and is available for free through 6/22 when you use the promo code cnaweek22

IntelyPros can access IntelyEdu via the IntelyCare app.

IntelyEDU logo

Emotional Resilience Course

TaskHuman is a service that organizes world’s human expertise and making it instantly available to you via video call. They are offering a free session on Emotional Resilience for IntelyPros only.

Every hardship is an opportunity for growth and learning. Not to mention, the more we persist & grow, the easier life gets! This group session explores tools & techniques for combating hardship, including various perspectives on hardship alone. Learn how to transform challenges into triumph, even if not always easy.

How Did Nursing Assistants Week Start?

 Since 1977, we’ve had a week to celebrate and give thanks to the Nursing Assistants and their work to provide quality care to our loved ones.

During World War I, the 8,000 US Army Nurses deployed had nursing assistants – people who were compelled to support US soldiers, even if they weren’t registered nurses – to help provide life-saving care to those fighting for their country.

These nurses and nursing assistants in the Red Cross program were celebrated for their courage and compassion working on the front line and in civilian hospitals. Since then, the CNA job came home to the US with a new goal on US soil: long-term care.

Take Big Swings

Why Work at IntelyCare?

As a W2 worker, you get all the benefits of a full-time IntelyCare employee. We contribute to your payroll taxes, add more security with workers’ compensation insurance, and even give you the chance to participate in healthcare and retirement benefits. Plus, we’re rolling out DailyPay, so you can have access to pay right after your shift.

Daily Pay & Weekly Direct Deposits

Unlimited Bonuses

Employer-Paid Taxes

Access to Retirement Benefits

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