Introducing Credential Passport: The Easy Way to Manage and Share Your Nursing Documentation

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Tracking down your nursing credentials and ensuring they are up to date is an incredibly overwhelming and time-consuming process that can delay your ability to work and earn. With IntelyCare’s Credential Passport, organizing and managing your credentials will no longer be a source of stress in your life. Every document and credential you provide during the IntelyCare onboarding process will be available whenever you need it, in one secure file. Plus, with our Credentialing team staying on top of expirations and license renewals for you, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Stay Organized

Rather than scrambling to find your credentials every time you need them, the IntelyCare Credential Passport organizes all your documents for you, making them easily available whenever you need them.

When you applied to become an IntelyPro, you provided the following credentials and documentation:

  • Work license
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Physical exam
  • CPR certification
  • COVID-19 vaccination documentation
  • I-9 verification, and
  • State-specific documents

The beauty of the Credential Passport is two-fold – we keep track of all these documents for you, in one place, and we proactively let you know ahead of time when one of your documents is due to expire. This way you can focus on your two main goals as an IntelyPro – taking care of your patients and making more time for yourself.

Stay Up to Date

We take on the responsibility of making sure that you are up to date on your credentials so that you never have to stop working. We have a dedicated team of credentialing specialists whose sole responsibility is to stay on top of IntelyPros’ documentation, and to provide reminders and guidance when a license is about to expire.

Our team also specializes in state-specific credentials, so you can rest assured that you are going to be taken care of no matter which state(s) you are practicing in. Furthermore, our specialists ensure that documents are compliant with changing state and federal regulations. If there is a change in what is needed from you in order to practice, you will find out from us long before it could become an issue for you!

Stay Secure

Perhaps the best feature of IntelyCare’s Credential Passport is the security that comes with it. We value you and your safety above anything else. That is why we have taken every step possible to make sure that your documents are secure and that they can only be shared by you. IntelyCare is well known in the healthcare space for employing the most thorough credentialing and security processes in the industry.

How to Access

Your Credential Passport is easy to access within the IntelyCare app. Simply log in to your account on the mobile app and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to “My Documents”
  2. Click on “Email My Cred Passport”
  3. Check your email, where you will find a secure PDF with all your documents organized in one file!

That’s it!

With the IntelyCare Credential Passport you will spend less time applying, zero time worrying, and more time earning.

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