Your Passport to Credentialing Paradise

Your Credentials, Up-to-Date & In One Spot

Sick of scrambling to find your nursing credentials every time you need them? The IntelyCare Credential Passport organizes all of your documents and makes them easily available to you in one click whenever you need them.

Credential Passport

Take the Stress Out of Managing Your Credentials

Chasing down your credentials, organizing them, and ensuring they’re up-to-date can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

The IntelyCare Credential Passport makes all of the documents you provided during the application process easily accessible in one click – so you can rest assured that your credentials are compliant and readily available when you need them.

The Easy Way To Keep Your Credentials Current

What’s worse than trying to track down your documentation? Finding it and realizing it’s outdated. Our team of credentialing specialists stay on top of our IntelyPros’ documentation, providing reminders and guidance when a license is about to expire.

Plus, our team  specializes in state-specific credentials and ensuring that documents are compliant with changing regulations. So if you have a document that’s about to expire, don’t worry – we’ll let you know.

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Your Credentials are Secure and Ready to Share

Worried about who has access to your information? With the IntelyCare Credential Passport, you can be sure that your documents are secure, and can only be shared by you.

Your Credentials – At Your Fingertips

Simply log into your IntelyCare app to get started. Don’t already work with us? Apply today!

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Open Your App and Navigate to My Documents

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Click “Email My Cred Passport”

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We’ll Email You a Secure PDF file of all Your Credentials!

Get One-Click Access to All of Your Credentials

Nursing professionals spend less time applying, and more time earning with IntelyCare’s Credential Passport.

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If you’re already an IntelyPro, all of the credentials you uploaded during your application are available to you in your Credential Passport.

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Join the Team

Once you upload credentials to IntelyCare’s secure platform for approval, we’ll generate a secure digital Credential Passport that you can download and access on-demand.