Nursing Home Case Study: Westchester Manor

Written by Maggie Kilgallon Content Marketing Manager, IntelyCare
Front view of Westchester Manor facility in High Point, NC

How IntelyCare provided a partner with dependability and support when it needed it the most.


  • Westchester Manor – Providence Place
  • High Point, North Carolina
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • 129 Beds

Nursing Home Case Study Overview

  • With external staff accounting for 75% of their workforce, Westchester Manor needed a healthcare talent partner who understood the value of providing consistent, quality care.
  • They turned to IntelyCare, which offered a high level of provider quality and the dedicated support they needed.
  • Up to 45 different IntelyPros now work at Westchester Manor each week, providing consistent care, using proper documentation, and building meaningful relationships with the residents.

The Problem

Since the pandemic, nursing homes across the country have had to rely on external staff to maintain their operations. At Westchester Manor, their overall workforce has been made up of about 75% external nursing staff. This heavy reliance on external staff means that things like maintaining quality, consistency, and proper documentation are paramount.

Westchester Manor needs dependable external staff that are reliable and able to provide the level of care that their residents deserve. The staff also needs to ensure proper activities of daily living (ADL) documentation to chart care provided for the state and to access reimbursement. But finding this kind of quality and consistency with external staff – and support and accountability from the staffing provider – can be an uphill battle.

With this nursing home case study, we’ll take a look at how Westchester Manor was able to overcome this problem through its partnership with IntelyCare.

Dedicated, Local Support

Westchester Manor quickly found the quality and support it needed by partnering with IntelyCare. The facility knows that whenever they have a need or concern, they can turn to their Account Manager, Rachel Phillips.

“We definitely don’t have the same relationship that we’ve built with IntelyCare with the agencies we work with because of the relationship we have with Rachel,” according to Susan B., scheduler at Westchester Manor. “Rachel visits our facility regularly, we email frequently, and she always responds quickly.”

Susan and Jenny M., nurse supervisor, have developed such a strong relationship with Rachel that they consider her to be a part of the Westchester Manor team. “The agencies we work with don’t provide us with the kind of help Rachel consistently gives us. Whenever we have a question or an issue, she is there. Rachel is great,” Jenny commented.

Rachel also works in conjunction with IntelyCare’s IntelyPro Success Managers, who act in a similar capacity to support IntelyCare’s nurses and aides. This circuit of support and collaboration pays dividends when it comes to patient care and provider quality, helping Westchester Manor to stand out among nursing homes in High Point, NC and the surrounding area.

Documentation and Quality Assurance

Proper ADL documentation can be a serious challenge when you have external staff coming in from multiple sources. “If documentation isn’t done completely and accurately, we can be accused of negligence. We have to make sure that each care provider who comes into the building has a way to be able to chart and that they keep up with it,” Susan said.

IntelyCare employs a Clinical Quality Assurance team to oversee everything from documentation to incident management. As Susan said, “I don’t know of any agency that provides that level of support to their nurses and aides. That we have a team like this on our side shows us that IntelyCare really is a partner to us.”


IntelyCare has connected Westchester Manor with nurses and aides who have become regular team members at their facility. In any given week, up to 45 different IntelyPros work at Westchester Manor, often picking up more than one shift. “We know that when we post a shift in the IntelyCare platform, 9 times out of 10 it is going to get picked up by a really great, dependable employee,” said Jenny.

The facility uses the Block Booking feature in the IntelyCare platform to schedule their preferred IntelyPros for a month at a time. Jenny believes that the familiarity and rapport that these IntelyPros form with her residents is invaluable. “The consistency means that IntelyPros can anticipate the needs of our residents without having to wait for our direction,” she said.

IntelyPro consistency and dependability is a critical pillar of the partnership between Westchester Manor and IntelyCare. “It is so worth it to be able to book a good employee who is consistent with us,” Susan said. “Especially for our Alzheimer’s and dementia unit, the consistency of knowing the IntelyPros’ faces makes a world of difference. It gives them comfort that they don’t get from agency staff.”

A True Healthcare Talent Partner for Nursing Homes

IntelyCare has been able to provide Westchester Manor with the dedicated support, commitment to documentation, and dependability that they were looking for. Choosing to partner with IntelyCare to support the residents of Westchester Manor was one of the best decisions Susan and Jenny have made for their facility.

“IntelyPros learn who our residents are. It totally impacts the quality of care that our residents receive,” Jenny said. “The days go smoother for the residents, and with Rachel always available to assist us, our days go smoother too.”

Ready to Make This Nursing Home Case Study Your Reality?

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