How To Solve Your Block Schedule Nursing Problems

Nurse reviewing her block schedule nursing shift

Are you frustrated by the amount of time you spend on scheduling per diem nurses and nursing assistants? Do you wish there was a way you could book them for weeks at a time?

Meet Block Booking, the new feature in the IntelyCare Platform that allows you to do just that. With Block Booking, you can schedule IntelyPros for multiple shifts at a time in just a few clicks. Block Booking simplifies per diem scheduling and provides your patients with the consistent care that they need. It takes stress off of you, and results in a win-win for everyone.

With nearly one-third of nurses citing insufficient staffing as a top reason for wanting to leave their jobs, it’s now more important than ever to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your block schedule nursing system.

Getting Started with Block Booking is Simple

While block scheduling can promote greater efficiency, the challenge always comes down to managing the process. But when you get it right, not only do you solve your immediate staffing problems, but you also add a nice perk to support retention.

Here’s how easy it is to set up block schedule nursing with IntelyCare’s new Block Booking feature:

Step 1: Log into your facility portal.

Step 2: Select “Request IntelyPro” in the top right corner.

Step 3: Select “Create Block Booking.”

Step 4: Enter the details of your Block Booking shifts. The details include the date range for the shift(s) to recur, the shift days and times, your facility location, and the staff type needed.

Step 5: Choose between two settings for your Block Booking shift.

  1. Accept Offers: “Accept Offers” allows IntelyPros to accept up to half or more of the shifts in your block. Choosing this option provides flexibility in what shifts are picked up. Any shifts that are not picked up as part of the block will be added to the standard shift request calendar so that they can still be covered. Note – you will be required to review the accepted shifts and approve them in order to finalize a booking.
  2. Auto Accept: This option allows for any Block Bookings that are accepted by an IntelyPro to be immediately accepted – there will be no review process for you to go through.

Step 6: Once the Block Booking shift details have been entered, confirm your request. Depending on whether you selected “Accept Offers” or “Auto Accept,” you may have to review and approve bookings before they are finalized.

Book a Specific IntelyPro

Another nice benefit of using block schedule nursing with IntelyPro is that you can use the “Book Me” feature to create a Block Booking for a specific IntelyPro whom you would like to have come into your facility on a regular basis. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Navigate to the Directory and find the IntelyPro whom you would like to request. Select “Book Me.”

Step 2: In the window that opens, select “Create Block Booking.” Then, walk through steps 4 – 6 above.

View Your Block Bookings Shifts

To view the status of your Block Bookings shifts, go to your Dashboard. This is where you can view pending requests, see requests that require your approval, and see what shifts have already been accepted. It’s also where you can boost Block Bookings.

System-Generated Blocks

Don’t feel like you have the time to plan far enough ahead to create Block Bookings? Let the platform do it for you.

Our “System-Generated Blocks” feature will automatically bundle up similar shifts at your facility into a block that will be added to IntelyPros’ Block Booking feed. To the providers, these shifts will look like a Block Booking request. To you, these shifts will still be managed individually in the platform.

This technology will benefit everyone – your fill rates will be higher, and IntelyPros seeking Block Booking opportunities will have more blocks to choose from.

Do You Need a Block Schedule Nursing Solution?

Block Booking is just one of many ways that IntelyCare can support your facility’s staffing needs. Streamline your nursing needs and start filling shifts today by checking out more of our innovative staffing solutions.


Struggling to Fill Shifts?

Are you looking to build a balanced nursing workforce with per diem staff to increase census revenue, reduce full-time staff turnover, and improve your CMS Star Rating?

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