STNA Cover Letter and Writing Tips

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Written by Ayana Dunn, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
A nurse works on their STNA cover letter to prepare for a job.

A state tested nurse aide (STNA) is Ohio’s equivalent of a certified nursing assistant (CNA). As you apply for jobs, your STNA cover letter and resume allow you to provide a more in-depth introduction of your experience and personality than your resume alone.

What should you include in a nursing assistant cover letter? Below, we’ll share some tips and a sample to help you draft a strong cover letter.

Pay Attention to Detail

Make sure your grammar and punctuation are correct. That may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s worth emphasizing. An employer might discard applications for those errors because they imply that the prospective STNA might not be detail-oriented on the job.

Structure your paragraphs so they each focus on a specific aspect of your career. Also, try to use the hiring manager’s name, and if you do, make sure it’s spelled correctly. This show’s your ability to connect at every opportunity.

Highlight Your Soft Skills

A cover letter is a chance to emphasize your humanity. For many employers, your ability to interact with others is equally important to your nursing skills. You’re in a people-oriented industry, working with individuals who are in a vulnerable state.

Having the soft skills necessary to successfully manage the variety of situations you’ll encounter will make a huge impact on your patients and the facility. Draw on your many valuable traits to show your employer all you have to offer. Consider whether your cover letter answers the following questions:

  • Are you a clear communicator?
  • Do you have a calming presence?
  • Are you assertive?
  • Are you emotionally intelligent?

Include Your Goals

It’s also a good idea to share your career aspirations in your cover letter. Do you intend to return to school to become a nurse? Let them know. This shows that you think ahead and your perception of healthcare is broader than your specific role.

Plus, this could also mean they might gain a future nurse down the road. A nurse who’s already familiar with the facility is easier to train than someone who is totally new.

Are you content with being an STNA? That’s great too. This demonstrates your commitment to the profession and that they can depend on you for the long haul.

STNA Cover Letter Examples

Reading cover letter examples is a helpful way to begin drafting your own. Check out our certified medical assistant cover letter for even more inspiration. Below, you’ll find our sample STNA cover letter to get a better idea of how yours could look.

Ms. Ayano Hayashi, BSN, RN

(555) 555-5555
444 Barbados Drive
Bahamas, OH 19143

Ms. Margaret Ivanov, MSN, RN
Jamaica Nursing Home
(555) 555-5555
610 Grenada St
Tobago, OH 19144

Dear Ms. Ivanov,

I am eager to join your team as a nursing assistant at Jamaica Nursing Home. I’ve grown immensely as a healthcare worker during my two years of experience as an STNA, and the skills I’ve gained fulfill the job requirements in your listing. Furthermore, my values align with that of the facility. I’ve witnessed how transparency, integrity, and compassion make a profound impact on a patient’s experience. The fact that your facility upholds these ideas shows me that I’ll fit in well with the company culture.

During my time at St. Lucia Hospital, I learned the value of maintaining a positive attitude for the sake of my patients. No matter what I was juggling amongst coworkers and other patients, I ensured that I greeted each patient with a smile. I also inquired about their feelings and did my best to uplift their moods when what they had to share was somber. I loved the gratitude they expressed in response to my efforts and how my positivity improved their days. For example, a crying patient expressed a deep sense of loneliness. With her permission, I gave her a much needed hug and asked her to think of three people who loved her. She calmed as she made her list, then I reminded her that myself and the other staff members were here to support her while she was in our care. I’ve never forgotten her wide smile after being reminded there were so many people invested in her well being.

I’ve also learned about the importance of emotional intelligence. Awareness of my emotional health helps me remain calm and fair during conflicts with coworkers, as well as empathize with difficult patients. Cultivating my emotional intelligence has helped me be mindful of my tone and body language when interacting with others, and how I interpret the ways others interact with me. Recognizing that there’s no way for me to completely understand someone else’s emotional state makes it much easier to not take certain behaviors personally. It has also given me more insight into my own behaviors. This knowledge has been invaluable.

I am attending Dominica Nursing School part time. I deeply value the impact I have as an STNA, but earning my BSN was always my goal. I am open to remaining at your facility as a nurse, and I will be sure to use what I’ve learned from working with you as a nursing assistant when I make the transition to a registered nurse.

I appreciate you for your time, and I look forward to further discussion during an interview.


Ayano Hayashi, RN

STNA Salary

The average annual salary for nursing assistants is $39,610 in the United States. In Ohio, you can expect to earn an average STNA salary of $38,570, but that number depends on years of experience, facility, and location. Check out the jobs in the following Ohio locations to get a better sense of what you might earn:

Make Your STNA Cover Letter the Best It Can Be

Are you ready to take the next step in your career by writing a winning cover letter? When you’re ready to check out the job market, search for STNA jobs on IntelyCare today!