How to Get Into Nursing School

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Written by Ayana Dunn, BSN Content Writer, IntelyCare
Nursing school students

Enrolling in nursing school is one of the most important choices of a nurse’s life. The questions surrounding how to get into nursing school may seem daunting, but the answers are well within your reach. Below is the overall process, step by step.

What Drives You to Become a Nurse?

Before learning how to get into nursing school, explore the reasons you want to be a nurse in the first place. Do you enjoy healing others? Does the human body fascinate you? Are you attracted to the more practical benefits like workplace variety and flexibility?

You can speak to nurses in your life or find other ways to seek inspiration. This is a helpful habit to cultivate because nursing school is rigorous, and it takes dedication to the profession to make it through the program. Remembering what drives your decision can be helpful when school gets tough.

Make Sure You’ve Met the Education Requirements

If you haven’t already, obtain your high school diploma or GED. Ensure your grades meet the standards of the schools to which you want to apply.

Many second-degree BSN programs require a bachelor degree, while bridge programs require applicants to have already obtained some hands-on experience. Both second-degree and bridge programs often require specific prerequisites so that the students possess a solid scientific foundation on which they can build.

Among other important qualities, nursing requires attention to detail and the desire to do the best you can. Both traits are shown when you successfully met the educational requirements of the program.

How Hard Is It to Get Into Nursing School?

Specific requirements may vary, but nursing students are generally held to a high standard. Nursing schools will pay the closest attention to science courses.

Students often need a GPA of at least 3.0 for BSN programs and 2.5 for ADN programs. Common prerequisites include anatomy and physiology, nutrition, statistics, biology, and microbiology. If you feel like you aren’t strong in these subjects, take advantage of available resources to boost your understanding and confidence.

What Kind of Nurse Do You Want to Be?

Next, figure out the level of education you want to attain. Do you want your ADN or BSN? Although you have plenty of time to decide if you want an advanced degree, it can’t hurt to explore whether you want your MSN or doctorate down the road.

Start thinking about the nursing specialty you want to focus on. You have plenty of time to make this decision, but this knowledge could strengthen your interview. You could even shadow a nurse in your chosen specialty to see the reality beyond your dream.

Get Healthcare Experience

Volunteer at a hospital or another organization with ties to healthcare to show your commitment to the profession. You can also work as a CNA, which gives you the deepest insight into nursing outside of becoming a nurse. This provides much needed hospital experience to boost your chances of admission, and to form a strong foundation for your career.

Decide Which Nursing School Is Right for You

Choose a nursing school that’s the right fit for you. Is it within commuting distance? Is diversity important to you? Does the school offer scholarships? Is it affordable?

Nursing school can be tough, so a school that comes with other benefits can ease the stress of completing the program. Keep an eye out for schools with ample resources to assist students so you can feel secure in attending an institution committed to your success.

Plan for Financing Your Education

Discerning affordability is important to figuring out how to get into nursing school. The costs of nursing programs vary based on the institution. Finding a school within your means is ideal, but if your dream school is expensive, investigate scholarship opportunities. You can also consider taking classes part time so you can work to help fund your education.

Application Time

Closely follow the application instructions and check to make sure everything is correct to avoid having to reapply. Once your application is submitted, you can’t ask for it to be returned to correct a mistake. Again, everything that goes into how to get into nursing school reflects the potential of your success in the program and the field.

Prepare for Your Nursing School Interview

Many schools conduct interviews as the last step before accepting applicants. Prepare yourself by learning about the school, practicing your responses, and ensuring you’re wearing appropriate clothing.


Completing this process is an achievement. Congratulate yourself on finishing this part of the journey. Celebrate with friends or do something small like taking yourself out to dinner. On top of that, start thinking of ways you’ll celebrate when you’re finally admitted!

Now You Know How to Get into Nursing School, What’s Next?

The rest of your life doesn’t stop when nursing school begins. Life as a nursing student is much easier when you can find work that accommodates your schedule, so apply to IntelyCare and join the future of nursing!