Intely@Sea Sponsor Profile – Gales Footwear

As we get ready to set sail on Intely@Sea next month, we want to spotlight one of our sponsors, Gales® PPE Footwear! We are so grateful to have a sponsor that is as dedicated to supporting nurses as we are. 

Gales® was founded as a way to give back to those working tirelessly on the frontlines. Gales® founder and CEO, Rob Gregg, designed Gales® footwear in collaboration with hundreds of nurses from around the country. His goal was to produce a shoe that could meet the three main needs expressed by nurses: comfort, protection, and affordability.

In the short year that Gales® has been in the market, they have been named as the most fundable company of 2021 by Pepperdine University in Entrepreneur Magazine, were chosen as one of Techstars Winter 2021 class, and landed on the Forbes next 1,000 list! 

Read on for everything you need to know about the footwear brand that is disrupting the healthcare industry.

What’s the story behind Gales®?

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a dear friend of Rob’s fell critically ill with coronavirus. Thanks to the incredible care given by ICU nurses, and through an amazing facemask innovation that gave a better oxygen seal, Rob’s loved one was able to make a miraculous recovery. Wanting to find a way to give back to the nurses who cared for his friend in the most impactful way that he could, Rob connected with Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL and learned about the unique and massive need for better comfort, protection, and affordable footwear for the everyday nurse. Rob decided that providing that solution to nurses would be his mission, and his way to say “thank you.”

What makes Gales® different?

Gales® is the first PPE shoe designed exclusively for nurses, and has a number of innovative and practical features that set them apart from the rest. Gales®’ are designed to go the extra mile for nurses working 12 hour shifts, and are equipped with machine washable Ortholite® insoles that provide all day comfort and continuous arch support. These custom insoles can be machine washed and are engineered to maintain their performance benefits after every wash. 

Gales®’ antimicrobial material makes them 100% moisture-proof, and their no-lace, seamless design mitigates dangerous liquids from seeping in. Gales® are low-miniatance, and can be wiped clean and dry in a matter of seconds, which makes them ideal for chaotic hospital environments.

Lastly, Gales®’ innovative XL Extralight® technology makes them three times lighter than any other comparable material available today. Since the initial first drop in August 2021, Gales® has expanded their offering to include a number of neutral and vibrant colorways – white, black, gray, navy, lavender, and the most recent addition, mint! Gales®’ come in a wide range of full and half sizes for both men and women.

How much do Gales® cost?

Gales®’ believe that nurses shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money in order to be comfortable and safe at work. That’s why these shoes are available to purchase for $89.95 a pair – 35-40% more affordable than other nursing shoe brands on the market!

How do Gales® continue to support nurses?

Gales®’ mission goes beyond providing PPE footwear – they’re committed to giving back and supporting nurses wherever they can. In August of 2021 last year, they launched the #Gales4Nurses campaign which asked nurses to nominate a co-worker, or themselves, to receive a lifetime supply of Gales®. 

Check out Gales® on board Intely@Sea and follow them on Instagram. To buy a pair of Gales®, visit


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