How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

On February 17, our Chief Clinical Officer, Rebecca Love, is hosting the second installment of Twitter Chat, #ANursesVoice, to amplify the voice of nursing. Want to add your voice to the conversation? Follow these few simple steps for you to join her next chat on 2/17 at 6 pm EST.

Step #1: Don’t Miss it!

Just like any other event, Twitter chats happen at a certain place ( at a specific time; Rebecca’s next chat will run from 6-7 pm ET (3-4 pm PT). Mark your calendar or set a reminder so that you don’t forget the event. Give yourself time to get situated, we suggest logging on to Twitter 5-10 minutes before the chat begins so you don’t feel rushed. However, you are welcome to join at any time during the hour and there is never a minimum time commitment.

Step #2: Log in to Twitter

Go to or load the Twitter app on your phone and log in to your account. You can read Tweets from a chat without logging in, but you can’t participate without being logged in. If you need more information on setting up a Twitter account please visit:

Step #3: Locate the Twitter Chat

Search for the hashtag in the search bar; for example, the hashtag for Rebecca’s chat is called #ANursesVoice so you would enter it as “#ANursesVoice” or “anursesvoice,” it is not case sensitive, but do not add spaces. When the search results load click on “Latest” at the top of the page/app to follow along.

Step #4: Spread the Word

If you plan to tweet participate tell your followers with a Tweet just make sure to always include the hashtag so you’re included in the chat. For example for Rebecca’s chats always include #ANursesVoice in all your Tweets, including your announcement Tweet. Please review a couple examples below of sample announcement Tweets:
• Thrilled to support nurses by joining #ANursesVoice to amplify their stories! The chat starts in 5 minutes at 6pm ET and runs for an hour.
• Join me in supporting nurses by participating in @RNRebeccaLove’s Twitter Chat right now. Don’t forget to include #ANursesVoice in your Tweets so they’re included in the conversation.
• #ANursesVoice Twitter chat starts right now. Showing up to express my gratitude to nurses for their hard work. I’m here to support them and help them make their voices heard!

Step #5: Participate

The person hosting the chat will ask questions in order to spark conversation between you and the other participants. You can reply to the Tweets directly by:
• Clicking on the quote bubble icon
• Click on the Tweet you want to respond to and type your response beneath it, then click reply
• *Don’t forget to include the hashtag in all your tweets

Step #6: Getting Back to The Chat

If you get lost as you participate in the chat, you can always get back to it by revisiting Step #3 or by clicking on the hashtag directly (example: #ANursesVoice)

Step #7: Enjoy Yourself!

Whether you are sharing ideas, asking questions, making new friends, or just following along enjoy yourself and we are always happy to help you before, during, or after the chat. If you have questions, please Tweet us on our Twitter Page @IntelyCare.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing much more about the main takeaways from #ANursesVoice. We want to hold ourselves accountable for the change that needs to result from this chat. Stay tuned for more #ANursesVoice content!Stay up to date on info, tips, and stories from your fellow IntelyPros! And don’t miss out on key resources we share on our socials!


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