How Nurses Can Stay Healthy At Work

How Nurses Can Stay Healthy At Work

Staying healthy is an important part of everyone’s quality of life, not just nurses. But nurses like you have common work stresses that can be addressed. And for long-term care nurses, the stresses of losing the residents you get to know and care for are emotionally taxing. There are a few small things that can help you stay healthy and happy when nursing gets difficult.


Nursing professionals walk a lot during their shifts! Studies show that on 12-hour day shifts, nurses will walk about 5 miles, whereas a 12-hour night shift will require a nurse to walk about 3 miles. Whether it’s a night shift or a day shift, that’s a lot of walking! Staying hydrated can help you maintain focus and give you the energy you need to do your best work and feel accomplished in your nursing role.

Bring healthy snacks

Staying hydrated is part of the equation, but having nutritious snacks at the ready is equally as important. Nursing is a busy and demanding job. So you might have to skip meals and replace them with on-the-go snacks. When you have to reach for a snack to tide you over, having a healthy one at your fingertips can make all the difference.

Take breaks

As rewarding as nursing can be, it’s also a highly demanding job. And when you’re stressed, you probably aren’t able to give the highest quality care you can. Plus, when you’re stressed, you aren’t as happy. Your mental health is important, so make sure you take breaks even when you’re feeling busy. Just a few minutes of relaxation can keep you engaged and enthusiastic about nursing, rather than burnt out.

Treat yourself

Another aspect of maintaining your mental health is maintaining work/life balance. That means reminding yourself that you work hard and deserve to reward yourself. Whether it’s taking yourself on a spa day, trying a new restaurant, or getting a new decoration for your home, doing things to reward yourself is a great way to remind yourself that you deserve to feel good! Making time for your favorite activities, hobbies, or side gigs can have that same effect. 

Carving out time for the things you love has gotten a lot easier, too, given the new apps you have at your fingertips to choose your own nursing schedule. If more time for the things you love sounds like what you need in your life, then become an IntelyPro today!

Make friends

Another important aspect of staying healthy at work is making friends you can laugh with and relate to. As a per-diem nurse this can be easier said than done. But it’s still important to make those connections so your work-life feels comfortable. If you’re a per-diem nurse, try to pick out a facility or two that you enjoy and pick up shifts there regularly to help build that familiarity. 

Nursing is a difficult job, from all the details you need to keep track of to the emotional hardships of long-term care. So it’s important that you have a solid emotional and professional support system in your peers so you don’t have to feel like you’re doing it alone!

If the facility you’ve worked at as an IntelyPro just isn’t right for you, try a new facility by expanding your search settings in our app so you can pick up new shifts and meet new people at new locations!



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