Find Full-Time Stability and Per Diem Flexibility with Block Booking

Frustrated that you can only book shifts one at a time on the IntelyCare app? Wish you could book similar shifts at the same facility all at once?

With Block Booking, you can! 

Block Booking is a new feature in the IntelyCare app that lets you see a series of related shifts at a facility and accept the ones that work best for your life, at one time! Block Booking gives you the power to schedule shifts as if you were a full-time employee at the facilities you love, while allowing you to keep the flexibility of per diem nursing.  


Getting started with Block Booking is very simple! 

Step 1: Open the IntelyCare app. 

Step 2: Scroll down on the Explore tab to “Block Booking Opportunities.” 

Step 3: Select a Block Booking of interest. 

Step 4: Review shift details. (If there are any shifts within the block that you know won’t work for you, you can adjust the block, indicating that a specific shift cannot be covered by you.) 

Step 5: Agree to the shift terms and accept. 


Why Accept Block Booking Shifts? 

There are a lot of benefits of being able to schedule multiple shifts in advance. 

More Control of Your Schedule 

Taking a shift here and there at different facilities is an amazing benefit of working as a per diem nurse. With Block Booking, you can do that and simplify your life further by creating a more consistent schedule that you can plan around. Have a month coming up when you know you are widely available and wanting to work set shifts each week? Accept a Block Booking shift! Is the following month looking a little more jumbled? Skip the Block Booking that month and continue to accept shifts one at a time as usual. It’s all up to you! 

More Consistent Income 

Block Booking allows you to rest easy knowing that you’ve already booked the shifts you need to get the pay you want. However far in advance you book your Block Booking shifts, you’ll be able to know how much money you will have coming in. 

More Comfort in the Building 

A benefit of Block Booking that should not be overlooked is the opportunity to build relationships with the internal staff and patients at any given facility where you accept a Block Booking shift. When you become a “regular” in the building, the facility staff will know that they can count on you and may ask for you, specifically, for future shifts.

Your patients benefit from Block Booking too, because they will be able to get consistent care from the same nursing professional who knows their history and their preferences. 


Per diem nursing is all about working the way you want to work. With Block Booking, you can create consistency where you want it, and still have the flexibility to take additional shifts at other facilities. It really is the best of both worlds! 

Have questions? Reach out to your ISM!


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