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Achieving financial wellness can seem like a daunting task. But you don’t need to be an economist to make a handful of impactful changes to your spending and saving habits. There are a few simple and doable practices you can use to maximize your income and set you up for a comfortable future and help you move away from living paycheck to paycheck.

Why is saving important?

When working in long-term care facilities and caring for the elderly, it’s apparent that there will be a time in life when you’ll need to stop working and retire. So saving up is the most impactful way to give yourself a comfortable retirement. And saving up is also an important part of providing a comfortable life for yourself and your family. A healthy amount of savings can also provide an emergency fund or later expenses such as nursing school or higher education for family members. A healthy amount of savings can also reduce stress around your finances.

What are the best ways to start saving?  

The best way to start saving is to take a piece of your paycheck, no matter how small, and put it into your bank account or savings account. There are plenty of free budgeting apps, low-cost saving accounts that you can sign up for online, and online articles and best practices in personal finance, all available for free. So if you’re unsure where to start, it only takes a few minutes to look these options up online.  

What are other ways nursing professionals can increase their income?

1. Side gigs

You may have hobbies like knitting, crafting, or writing that you do in your leisure time to decompress from a busy workday. If you’re looking for an extra source of income, then turning those hobbies into extra income might be a great option for you! Follow the steps in our side gigs for nursing professionals blog to get some ideas on making a little extra money that you can save. One of our very own IntelyPros, Shakira Hodge, LPN from Ohio, runs an online custom knitting and crocheting business from her home, turning her hobby into a productive pastime that is helping her save up for a Ph.D. So it’s not impossible to hit your savings goals while doing what you love!

2. Work Per Diem

Usually, per diem nursing gives you freedom and flexibility to set your work hours but comes at the cost of job security. However, working full time at a facility can often contribute to burnout, working overtime with little flexibility, and often sub-par benefits. But as a per diem nurse with IntelyCare, you’ll be able to choose the shifts you want to work and can fit your work schedule around your side gigs, hobbies, education, and other priorities, all while getting competitive pay and quality benefits as a W2 employee. With the new technology and data science that IntelyCare offers, you’ll have shifts at your fingertips – and have the freedom you need to fit your new money-saving and money-earning habits into your life.

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