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The True Cost of Post-Acute Care Labor

Post-Acute Facilities Will Have $19.5BN in Unrealized Revenue in 2022 

Contingent nursing staff can help your facility buck the trend. Download this report to learn how your facility can cost-effectively operate at full census to increase revenue and positive profit margins without burning out your full-time staff.

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Cut operating costs. Increase revenue. Improve workforce morale.

Not hiring contingent workers isn’t saving post-acute facilities any money. In fact, it’s costing them. With lower occupancy rates (down 14% since 2020) due to understaffing, the post-acute care industry is estimated to have $19.5BN in unrealized revenue by the end of 2022.

When facilities use contingent workers, they’re making a smart financial decision to improve staffing levels. While contingent nursing staff can have slightly higher hourly wages than full-time employees, gone are the additional expenses of recruitment, benefits, bonuses, and more which cause the total cost of full-time workers’ hourly wages to actually be 33% higher than the contingent labor rate. Using contingent workers also enables facilities to maintain a full workforce – helping to ease burnout and improve morale among full-time staff. More workers on staff mean facilities can achieve higher occupancy rates leading to increased revenue and the ability to invest in the future. When you add it all up, the difference in hourly wages paid for contingent workers upfront pays huge dividends in the long run.

Read this complimentary report from global management consulting leader Oliver Wyman to learn: 

  • The true costs of filling shifts with full-time RNs, LPNs/LVNs, and nursing assistants vs. contingent staff
  • Why the post-acute care industry is estimated to have $19.5BN in unrealized revenue (in SNF alone) this year
  • How increasing staffing levels with contingent staff can improve full-time staff morale and reduce turnover 

Want an Independent Assessment of Your Staffing Costs?

Using industry data from Mercer, Oliver Wyman has built a staffing cost calculator to show post-acute care facilities the true costs of their staffing efforts and the financial impact understaffing is having. IntelyCare has licensed the tool from the global management consulting leader and we want to use it to help our facility partners discover how they can increase occupancy rates and recognize more revenue. Request a free consultation with IntelyCare to learn more.

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