IntelyCare Sets New Industry Standard for Nurse Credentialing With Launch of Credential Passport

The 57,000 nursing professionals that have been fully credentialed by IntelyCare will now have secure, on-demand access to their career documentation whenever they need it.

QUINCY, Mass. — IntelyCare, the largest digital staffing platform for nursing professionals seeking per diem positions, today announced the availability of the IntelyCare Credential Passport, a new tool that allows nurses to securely maintain and access their required documentation for credentialing in a single, easily accessible location. Touting the most rigorous credentialing process in the healthcare staffing industry, IntelyCare fully credentials staff as part of an onboarding process that requires applicants to upload their work license, Tuberculosis test, physical exam, CPR certification, COVID vaccination documentation, I-9 verification, and state-specific documents – which requires contacting a multitude of organizations to authenticate credentials. By packaging these documents in a secure file that is maintained by IntelyCare’s industry-leading credentialing service, nursing professionals can quickly locate and ensure the validity of their career documentation as needed.

“Tracking down the right documents and ensuring they’re up-to-date can be an incredibly overwhelming and time-consuming process that can delay a nurse’s ability to work and earn, and more importantly, their ability to care for patients in need,” said Rebecca Love, chief clinical officer at IntelyCare. “IntelyCare has always employed the most thorough credentialing process to ensure our employees are compliant. Now, with the Credential Passport, we can make it extremely easy for them to provide their credentials whenever and wherever they need to.” The Credential Passport is free to all nurses and certified nursing assistants and is made available as soon as they have gone through IntelyCare’s credentialing process.

IntelyCare’s superior credentialing service is handled by a team of experts trained in document forensics who specialize in fraud prevention, state-specific regulations, and maintaining ongoing compliance with changing regulations. To become an IntelyPro – the name given to nursing professionals who work for IntelyCare – one must be fully credentialed to work in long-term care and in applicable states, complete a fingerprint-level background check. As a result of its thorough credentialing efforts, IntelyCare has the largest pool of credentialed nursing professionals practicing in a per diem capacity.

When COVID-19 hit the U.S. in March 2020, healthcare systems called to make it easier for providers to be reallocated to work in hot spots. While the CARES Act allowed for State by State licenses to be waived, it did not address the credentialing obstacles healthcare workers face when trying to work between systems. IntelyCare’s centralized credentialing process, however, allowed its thousands of nursing professionals to easily work among the long-term care facilities in its network, helping to staff critically-short long-term care facilities across the country.

IntelyCare has also been at the forefront of promoting COVID-19 protocol training and vaccine education to its workforce. By continuously promoting vaccination through in-app guidance, education, and regular communication on state and federal mandates, 40,000 IntelyPros uploaded their vaccination cards to the IntelyCare platform. In March of 2020, IntelyCare launched the first COVID-19 training certification program specific to nursing facilities. Over 600,000 nurses across the world took the free, virtual training. By including providers’ vaccination documents in the IntelyCare Credential Passport, both nurses and the systems that employ them can make it easier to access and verify vaccination status.

The Credential Passport is just the latest benefit IntelyCare is offering to help empower nurses to take control of their careers. IntelyCare employs its IntelyPros as W2 workers, providing access to health insurance, retirement benefits, competitively high wages, reward programs, and mobile-based 1-to-1 counseling and wellness coaching.

“Finding my documents when I need them is always stressful. And there’s a lot required to work in long-term care. IntelyCare has made it super easy. I don’t have to worry if something is outdated because I know I’m getting a call if something is about to expire,” said Funmilayo Sule, GNA. “I’m thrilled they’re now making it even easier with the Credential Passport. People don’t understand how difficult and scary it is to not know where everything is when you need it.”

IntelyCare’s healthcare facility partners can also utilize the Credential Passport to reduce the burden of credentialing and maintaining compliance for their own staff. With IntelyCare managing document verification and making the credentials of every provider in the building instantly available, healthcare facilities can be better prepared for the surprise surveys from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that dictate their funding and lead to fines for non-compliance.

“We are unwavering in our commitment at IntelyCare to ensure that all of our nursing professionals are properly credentialed and the residents at our facility partners are kept safe,” said CEO David Coppins. “Our Credential Passport not only provides a much-needed service for all nurses, but it also enables our facility partners to fully take advantage of our superior credentialing services. This is truly a game-changer for both nurses and facility HR departments.”

About IntelyCare

IntelyCare is the largest digital nurse staffing platform in the United States. Through advanced machine learning and behavioral science, IntelyCare’s easy-to-use app matches nursing professionals with open assignments at its post-acute partners. IntelyCare is leading the work revolution for nurses, empowering them with the freedom to choose when, where, and how often they work, for the wages and benefits they deserve.


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