IntelyCare Pledges $500,000 to Assist Nursing Professionals Facing Hardship During Holidays

To further its commitment to the wellbeing of nurses and nursing assistants, IntelyCare is offering financial assistance to its IntelyPros through the newly established IntelyHEART fund.

QUINCY, Ma. — IntelyCare, the largest digital staffing platform for nursing professionals seeking per-diem positions, today announced it has established a $500,000 fund to provide immediate relief to IntelyPros experiencing significant financial hardship during the holiday season and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualified IntelyPros, the nursing professionals employed by the company, can directly submit their requests to receive this financial assistance via the IntelyCare website.

The IntelyCare Holiday Emergency Assistance Relief Trust fund (IntelyHEART) is a grant intended to help cover such expenses as utility bills, food, holiday gifts, transportation, and medical costs during a period of economic and societal uncertainty for many nursing professionals. Establishing the fund is a natural extension of IntelyCare’s core focus, which is to help raise the level of healthcare in the United States by raising the level of care for the country’s too-often underpaid and underappreciated healthcare professionals. IntelyPros can find eligibility requirements, qualifying criteria, and other relevant information here.

“IntelyCare has seen how the entire healthcare ecosystem benefits when nurses are paid adequately, get enough rest, control their work schedules, and receive health insurance and retirement benefits,” said Rebecca Love, IntelyCare’s chief clinical officer, a nurse and prominent nursing advocate. “That’s why IntelyCare provides those things. But we know the need doesn’t end there. Any way that we can ensure our IntelyPros and their families are healthy and cared for is a commitment IntelyCare consistently strives to meet.”

The lingering economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to plague many Americans. Reports from numerous sources, including the Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey and the Department of Labor, show that millions of people are out of work and struggle each month to pay their rent and other living expenses. Food insecurity is a growing problem, especially since federal COVID-related assistance programs ended in September. According to Feeding America, 1 out of 8 adults, and 1 out of 6 children face hunger in the United States.

Some IntelyPros, who may carry significant student debt and must work multiple jobs during the winter months, fall into this high-risk category.​ Meanwhile, the rise of the latest new COVID variant and the subsequent spike in patients, means caregivers across the country are often required to work long shifts and confront unrelenting pressure. For this reason, IntelyCare provides IntelyPros with health insurance, retirement benefits, competitively high wages, reward programs, and access to mobile-based 1-to-1 mentoring and wellness coaching.

“Everyone deserves to ring in the New Year feeling less burdened than they did the year before. We’re trying to help ensure that happens for our IntelyPros,” said John Shagoury, IntelyCare president and chief operating officer. “The holidays are a time for family and togetherness, yet we know some people struggle to pay bills and make ends meet. COVID-19 has magnified that need. For those experiencing hardship this season, we extend this HEART-felt offer of assistance. We hope it helps fill out the family table, pay an urgent bill, or secure basic needs – anything where a bit of extra money could ease the burden.” ​

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