IntelyCare Launches The IntelyHeart Foundation, Committing $2M to Support Healthcare Professionals

The charitable foundation will provide grants to support healthcare professionals who need short-term financial assistance.

QUINCY, Mass.—IntelyCare, the leading healthcare workforce management platform in the United States, today announced the launch of The IntelyHeart Foundation, a charitable not-for-profit organizationThe IntelyHeart Foundation, with support from IntelyCare, will provide need-based grants to healthcare professionals who apply and meet established criteria.

IntelyCare intends to commit up to $2 million over the next two years to fund grants to those who need short-term financial assistance to help cover rent, mortgage payments, medical expenses, tuition, or other living expenses.

“Nursing professionals have some of the most difficult jobs around, and despite working long hours, often are not paid sufficiently to support their personal and professional goals,” said David Coppins, CEO and co-founder of IntelyCare. “We began our efforts in Q4 2021 to help bridge that gap by awarding over $500,000 in unrestricted grants to thousands of our IntelyPros. Now we wish to take it further by encouraging those who need some short-term assistance to apply for grants through our foundation.”

“Giving back to these workers is a key element in our focus on bettering the lives of healthcare workers,” said Joan Nevins, Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Directors. “We already offer IntelyPros flexible work assignments, professional benefits, and career training resources through IntelyEdu. With The IntelyHeart Foundation, we can now offer healthcare professionals a resource to turn to in time of need.”

The formal launch of The IntelyHeart Foundation is an extension of IntelyCare’s existing efforts to support healthcare professionals who are facing financial hardships. Last year, IntelyCare established a $500,000 fund to provide financial relief for healthcare professionals who were struggling during the holiday season and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “Thank you very much for being there for us, and for showing us that you care,” said a CNA from Indiana, PA who received a grant from last year’s program. “We can’t thank you enough for being our inspiration and knowing that you really care about us.”

The application process for the first round of grants is open now. The Foundation expects to announce recipients in the fall of 2022, with subsequent application periods and awards.

About The IntelyHeart Foundation

The IntelyHeart Foundation is a charitable not-for-profit organization established to assist nursing professionals who experience short term financial strain due to unexpected crisis such as illness, natural disasters, or loss of a spouse. Additionally, the Foundation will offer financial aid to those professionals wishing to pursue career advancement through participation in educational programs and can demonstrate financial need.

About IntelyCare

At IntelyCare, our mission is to empower healthcare professionals to work better, together. The leading healthcare workforce management platform, IntelyCare’s AI-based float pool management and per-diem matching technology enable healthcare facilities to staff properly. While nursing professionals can use IntelyCare’s app to get the scheduling flexibility they deserve. In creating a better working environment for healthcare professionals, IntelyCare is helping to end the nurse staffing crisis and ensure that patients receive optimal care.

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IntelyCare Launches The IntelyHeart Foundation, Committing $2M to Support Healthcare Professionals