Meet the Winners of IntelyCare’s Inaugural Healthcare Heroes Awards

IntelyCare believes that nursing professionals deserve the spotlight, long after the cameras stop rolling, the news crews have gone home, and life as we know it returns to normal. The Healthcare Heroes community is one that empowers nursing professionals like you to share their heroic stories, celebrate their achievements, and to connect and grow with their nursing peers. Nursing professional and facility winners also get awards, scholarships for furthering their nursing education, and funds that can go towards their facility.   

In honor of Nurses Week last year, we hosted a contest that invited nursing professionals and skilled nursing facilities across the country to share impactful nursing moments. They were inspiring and heartfelt. And we couldn’t be more proud to share them with the world because we believe that nurse’s stories matter.   

“While the pandemic unfolded, we felt compelled to honor and support the people who provide care and companionship to their residents each and every day,” said Chris Caulfield, RN, NP-C, Chief Nursing Officer and co-founder at IntelyCare. “We received so many humbling and inspiring stories from the post-acute community and we’re proud to shine a light on these healthcare heroes who truly deserve to be seen and heard.” 

Words from 2020’s Healthcare Heroes 

We never want to lose sight of what drives us to support these heroes in their mission as caregivers. “In the midst of chaos, it’s easy to be distracted with nursing tasks,” Says RN and Healthcare Heroes winner, Nicole Martine, “but during covid-19 I was forced back to the fundamentals of nursing, doing it with love, compassion, humility, dignity, and respect. What that experience showed me the most is that the covid-19 nursing home residents are the true heroes, and it was my honor to serve them.” We want our platforms to empower healthcare professionals to focus less on the stressful details of work, and more on the fundamentals of giving care the way Nicole has. 

Last years winners of the Healthcare Heroes had some powerful messages to convey: 

“The unwavering compassion, devotion, and kindness exhibited by the staff during a highly stressful time when healthcare providers and the community at large received conflicting messages regarding COVID was extraordinary,” said Pat Leja, who nominated Blackstone Valley Health and Rehab. “While hospital workers were rightfully glorified in the press, nursing home workers were absent. These forgotten members of the healthcare continuum are true heroes.” 

“Working through this pandemic, we are undoubtedly living in a trying time that has challenged our need for patience, true compassion, and willingness,” said award honoree Nickia Minus, a licensed practical nurse for over 10 years. “If by chance I had ever doubted my ability to fulfill my role as a great nurse, this year alone has removed any of that uncertainty.”

The 2020 Healthcare Heroes Winners

Join us in giving a round of applause for last year’s winners: 

Nursing Professionals

  • Ann Okoro, CNA, Ohio

  • Claudine Bruff, RN, Massachusetts

  • Denise Pegram, LPN, Pennsylvania

  • Nickia Minus, LPN, Pennsylvania

  • Nicole Martin, RN, Illinois


  • Blackstone Valley Health and Rehab (Formerly St. Camillus Health Center), Whitinsville, Massachusetts

  • Carriage Hill, Madbury, New Hampshire

  • Genacross, northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan

  • Ohio Living, Ohio

  • Richboro Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Richboro, Pennsylvania

Read their winning stories here!

Healthcare Heroes Awards 

Share your stories with the Healthcare Heroes community and you’ll have a chance to win our 2021 awards, including a scholarship worth $5,000 that will go towards furthering your nursing education. 

Winning stories do not have to be perfectly written, but will most likely share a specific story or anecdote that conveys the character of your facility, or the way you approach your work as a healthcare hero.

Share your story here! 


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