Intely@Sea Course Overview – Calling all Unicorns: Making the Jump from Clinical Care to Tech

Course Description 

In “Calling All Unicorns: Making the Jump from Clinical Care to Tech,” Joshua Littlejohn, Product Manager for Nurse Experience at IntelyCare, will discuss some of the many non-technical [i.e. non-coding] roles involved in software development and why nursing professionals are not only a good fit for these roles, but add significant value to the end product. The course will conclude with a discussion of possible ways to pivot into technology from nursing. 

Joshua’s course aims to identify the most common non-developer roles that exist, outline some of the key responsibilities of each, and discuss how nursing skills are highly transferrable to those contexts. This will include specific examples of how to reframe critical thinking skills from the clinical setting to be useful in project management, product management, design work, and other areas. 

The second half of the course will focus on the question, “How do I break into tech?” The goal of this segment is to outline various routes that are available to working professionals seeking to pivot their careers, with special attention to maximizing access by minimizing time and cost.  

Joshua will teach in a dynamic group setting where audience participation is encouraged, and discussion is supported. 

See the course details below: 

Course Structure 

  • Introduction 
  • Course Material Presentation 
  • Discussion of Material 
  • Knowledge Assessment

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