Celebrating ALL Nursing Professionals in 2022 

As Nursing Professionals Week 2022 comes to a close, we wanted to take a look back at some of the celebrations and moments of recognition as a reminder to everyone that being there for our nurses should not end on May 12th! Below you will find a complete recap of all of our Nursing Professionals Week activities, including our previously unannounced surprise giveaway of $1,000 to three lucky nurses on our staff!

Surprising and Delighting IntelyPros with a $1K Giveaway

To our IntelyPros (what we call our nursing professionals): You deserve to be recognized for your hard work, sacrifice, and compassion. Your passion for your job and your patients does not go unnoticed. We are incredibly proud to have you on the team!

Rosa N., RN

Rosa is an extraordinary RN, mother, friend, and daughter, who has an immense passion for giving back and caring for others. When Rosa isn’t working, she takes care of her mother, who has Alzheimer’s. 

Patricia R., RN 

Patricia constantly goes above and beyond to care for her patients. The facilities she works with often sing praises of her work ethic. It does not go unappreciated!

Jessica N., CNA 

Jessica has been with IntelyCare since 2017. She lost a close family member this year. Despite that difficulty, Jessica has continued to work hard carrying forward care by supporting her patients and the facilities she works in.

Thank you!

Thank you will never be enough, but we’ll keep trying to find more ways to acknowledge our nurses!

Intely@Sea Cruise

IntelyCare hosted a 5-day cruise to the Bahamas to allow nurses the space to truly unwind and relax. We hosted hundreds of nursing professionals for an experience they’ll never forget!

Nurses March on D.C.

Celebrating nursing professionals is not complete without also acknowledging everything it took to even get a week of recognition. Nurses have put themselves on the frontlines of a highly contagious disease over the last few years, and many lost their lives. IntelyCare joined the Nurses March in Washington D.C. to push for action to commemorate and memorialize the word of our nurses.

Recognition Doesn’t Stop on May 12

All of these are just a small token of our appreciate for all of the amazing work of our IntelyPros each day of the year. A week really isn’t enough time to shine a light on every CNA, LPN, and RN who gives all of themselves to care for their patients. Know that we see you and appreciate you every day! 


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