Get to Know Your IntelyCare Employee Benefits Program

Get to Know Your IntelyCare Employee Benefits Program
At IntelyCare, nothing is more important than our amazing nurses and nursing assistants! That’s why we’ve carefully crafted our benefits program with the health and wellbeing of our IntelyPros and their families in mind.

At IntelyCare, you’re not treated as a part-time contractor. Our IntelyPros get all the benefits of a full-time IntelyCare employee. We provide employer-paid taxes, add more security with workers’ compensation and malpractice insurance, and even give you the chance to participate in healthcare and retirement benefits. Plus, you have access to DailyPay, so you can get paid right after your shifts. 

IntelyCare benefits include: 

  • Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance
  • Access to Retirement Benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation & Professional Liability Insurance
  • Employer Paid Taxes
  • DailyPay & Weekly Direct Deposit
  • Guaranteed Pay on Cancelled Shifts
  • Unlimited and Free Use of TaskHuman (Mobile-based Wellness Coaching)
  • Unlimited Bonuses and Holiday Pay

Medical & Dental Coverage via The American Worker Program  

Through The American Worker Program’s Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan, IntelyCare provides Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage for common screenings and preventive services at 100%. 

About Your Medical Coverage 

  • Provides 100% coverage of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services listed Preventive and Wellness benefits
  • Co-pays for Office Visits and Diagnostic Tests and Lab Work
  • Generic Prescription Drugs available for a $15 copay 

You’ll also have the option to elect Dental and Vision coverage, available through Ameritas.  

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We have partnered with a new health insurance company this year to provide an additional comprehensive coverage option. Through Stride, you can purchase medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Plans are available for less than $10 per month! 

Access to Retirement Benefits 

As a part of the IntelyCare family, we want to help you invest in your future through our Empower 401(K) plan. Once you’ve worked with IntelyCare for a full year, you’ll be eligible to enroll and IntelyCare will match a percentage of your contributions.  

Employer Paid Taxes 

As a W2 employee at IntelyCare, we’ll contribute employer-paid taxes and remit taxes on your behalf, so come tax season, you don’t have to worry about a possibly unpleasant and costly surprise. 

DailyPay & Weekly Direct Deposit 

IntelyPros can pick up shifts with rates that are 25% higher on average and get paid daily or weekly via direct deposit. With our DailyPay benefit, you can elect to retrieve a portion of your pay on the same day that you work a shift. Plus, with unlimited bonuses, holiday pay, overtime, and hazard pay, you’ll have the opportunity to earn even more. 

Sure Shift 

Shift pay is always guaranteed with Sure Shifts. When you pick up a Sure Shift in the IntelyCare app, facilities will not be permitted to cancel it from their platform. If for some reason they do, you’ll be paid for the full shift time.  


We know it can be expensive and tough to find time to work on your well-being. So, we’ve partnered with TaskHuman to give our IntelyPros free, unlimited access to personal and group coaching sessions. Now you can take a yoga class, get financial advice, talk to a therapist, or whatever else you need to be your happiest, healthiest self, for free, when it’s convenient for you.


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