Infection Control Nurse Job Description Template

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Written by Katherine Zheng, PhD, BSN Content Writer, IntelyCare
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Infection control nurses help prevent the spread of infectious diseases in hospitals by developing and implementing practice guidelines. These nurses work with an interdisciplinary team of professionals, including physicians, nurses, public health experts, and policymakers. This is a specialty that requires particular expertise, so writing a targeted infection control nurse job description is crucial to attract the right candidates for the role.

Below we’ll provide a template to help you tailor a well-written infection prevention and control nurse job description for your facility. Prepare this template alongside a list of thoughtful interview questions to bring highly qualified nurses onto your healthcare team.

Infection Control Nurse

Tips: This is the introductory section of your job description, so it should be written to grasp the attention of your potential applicants. Provide a snapshot of what the role is and pitch any notable reasons why nurses might want to work at your organization. Also, incorporate a brief summary of essential qualifications to hone in on applicants who are best suited for the role.


We’re seeking an experienced nurse to join the infection control team at our lakeside campus. Proudly holding magnet designation, [Facility name] offers opportunities for nurses to develop their expertise alongside a renowned team of healthcare professionals. If you’re an innate problem solver who has a passion for preventing disease outbreaks, we invite you to join our mission in delivering quality care to promote the best patient outcomes possible.


Tips: Now that you’ve gotten the attention of prospective applicants, it’s time to pitch all of the notable perks of working at your organization. In this section of the infection control nurse job description, outline the financial, personal, and professional benefits that you’re offering. Make sure you highlight these accurately to avoid misleading candidates as they progress along the hiring process.


  • 401(k) matching
  • Health insurance, with dental and vision
  • Paid time off (PTO) and holidays
  • Loan repayment program
  • Continuing education (CE) credits
  • Clinical career ladder opportunities

Duties and Responsibilities

Tips: In this section, you’ll want to provide an overview of the infection control responsibilities, activities, and duties that applicants should expect to carry out each day. Keep in mind that infection control nurses are often tasked to monitor prevention practices across multiple units — sometimes even across an entire facility. Consider whether you want a nurse who oversees multiple specialties and make that clear.


  • Develops, implements, and monitors standard precautions and infection control practices for all surgical and medical-surgical departments
  • Updates and educates healthcare staff about infection control policy changes
  • Investigates and monitors outbreaks, recommending modified procedures as appropriate
  • Appropriately reports communicable diseases to local and state health departments
  • May educate patients on infection control practices as necessary

Compensation and Schedule

Tips: Now that you’ve established what the role entails, it’s time to go over the expected pay and hours. Since infection control nurses typically work in a more quality improvement-focused role, their schedule may not reflect what’s typical of other floor nurses. Make sure you’re specific about your scheduling requirements, as applicants will likely be weighing job opportunities that align with their availability.


  • Pay range: $29-$39/hour
  • Schedule: Full time, 40 hours
  • 5 days/week, 8-hour shifts (7a-3p)
  • Location: [Insert city, state]
  • Specialties: surgical and med-surg

Skills and Qualifications

Tips: In this section of the infection control nurse job description, you’ll want to go more in-depth about the specific skill set and qualifications required, or preferred, for the role. Beyond licenses and certifications, consider whether you want a nurse with direct clinical experience in the specialties they’ll be overseeing.

Additionally, consider the types of patients your facility serves and whether you’d like a nurse with experience working with certain populations. When drafting an infection control nurse job description, long-term care leaders might expect applicants to be familiar with slightly different infection prevention practices than those in acute care settings.


  • ADN or BSN from an accredited nursing school required (BSN preferred)
  • Active nursing license administered by the [insert state] Board of Nursing
  • BLS, PALS, and ACLS certifications required
  • At least 2 years of acute care nursing experience required
  • Infection control certification preferred

Call to Action

Tips: Finally, you’ll want to plug a call to action for prospective applicants who are interested in taking the next steps. This should include clear instructions or a link to your application portal that allows candidates to submit their resumes and cover letters.

Template: Interested in joining our renowned team of infection control experts? Click here to start your application today.

Recruit Qualified Nurses Onto Your Healthcare Team

Now that you’ve written an infection control nurse job description, you may be preparing for the next phases of your hiring cycle. Narrowing down the best candidate takes time, but we’re here to speed up the process. Find out how IntelyCare can match highly qualified nurses to vacancies at your facility today.