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Written by Diana Campion, MSN, APRN, ANP-C Education Development Nurse, Content Writer, IntelyCare
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Reviewed by Danielle Roques, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
A home health nurse shares a tender moment with one of her patients.

A home health nurse, also known as a home health care nurse, is a clinician who provides essential nursing care to patients where they live. The Joint Commission recognizes home care as the key to optimizing health outcomes for a variety of patients. If your facility is looking to hire a home health nurse, creating an intentional, well-written LPN or RN home health nurse job description is the first step in finding an exceptional candidate.

Enhance your talent search using the following tips and templates to create your search-optimized job postings. Feel free to customize your nursing job description to meet your specific hiring needs.

Before advertising your position, it’s important to research the hiring market. Browse current home health nurse job postings to see what other competitive facilities are offering their prospective applicants. Once you’ve finished drafting your home care job description, organize a set of nursing interview questions to help you select the best candidate for the job.

LPN or RN Home Health Nurse

Tips: The introduction of your home health nurse job description should give candidates a glimpse of who you are as an employer. Share your mission, values, and work culture with your prospective applicants. Highlight special awards, accreditations, and ratings that can showcase your clinical excellence.

This section of the home health care nurse job description is also the perfect opportunity to clearly define your ideal candidate, summarize the position, and specify the type of nurse you’re hiring, whether you’re looking for an LPN or an RN. Describe your facility’s work environment and community, including nearby areas of interest and available public transportation.


Ready to take the next step in your home health nursing career? Here at [facility name], we’re looking to hire a home health RN to serve patients in the tri-state area. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide local residents with individualized, compassionate care in the comfort of their own homes, and are excited to grow our nursing team.

As the newest member of our multidisciplinary staff, you’d be responsible for assessing post-surgical patients, documenting their vital signs, and notifying their physicians of any concerns. This is a day shift position where you’d be expected to work 8a-5p Monday through Friday. Qualified candidates will have over 2 years of home health experience and will have previously practiced in an operating room, intensive care, or surgical nursing setting.

If this sounds like a job you’d be interested in, continue reading below as we outline our nursing benefits, compensation, and schedule expectations. When you’re ready, click the link at the end of the posting to apply for the position.


Tips: Now that your posting has intrigued potential applicants, they’ll be keen to learn more about any incentives you may offer. List the different professional, financial, and lifestyle perks included in your organization’s benefits package in this section of your home health nurse job description. Potential home health nurse applicants will move to the next job posting if they sense any exaggeration, so be sure to be up front and honest about what your company can offer.


  • Affordable medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) options
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) support
  • 8 paid holidays
  • Generous PTO
  • Matching 401k
  • Continuing education benefits
  • Tuition reimbursement for approved programs

Home Health Nurse Duties and Responsibilities

Tips: Once the potential applicants have learned about your organization, they’ll be interested in the job’s details. In this section of the RN or LPN home health nurse job description, you’ll draft a bullet list of the nursing professional’s daily activities and responsibilities. Begin each item with action verbs and brief descriptors, placing the most important and frequently performed duties at the top.


Home health nurse duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Recording nursing visits, education, and communications
  • Completing testing and patient care per medical team orders
  • Educating patients and caregivers on health conditions and interventions
  • Performing nursing assessments and charting findings in the patient’s electronic health record
  • Administering medication, managing IVs, and providing wound care within the nurse’s scope of practice
  • Escalating abnormalities to patients’ status to supervisor and healthcare practitioner
  • Supervising the work of home health aides (LPN and RN) and LPNs (RN)
  • Conducting Outcome and Assessment Information Sets (OASIS) – (RNs)
  • Developing (RN) or assisting in the development (LPN), and implementing patient plans of care with a multidisciplinary healthcare team

Home Health Nurse Compensation and Schedule

Tips: Once the applicant has decided they’re interested in your home health nurse position, they’ll want to know about pay and shift requirements. The qualified applicant may only consider a posting if the home health nurse job description includes a salary range. Listing these details saves time and resources for everyone in cases where salary potential doesn’t meet the nurses’ needs. This section also provides an excellent opportunity to list any incentives or sign-on bonuses you may offer.

Many nurses appreciate positions that provide the freedom to balance their work and life responsibilities. The more schedule flexibility you can offer, the more successful you’ll be at attracting and retaining top talent. Highlight whether you offer compensatory time off or any other perks. If there are mandatory schedule requirements, clearly state that in this section.


  • LPN range: $33-$55/hour
  • RN range: $35-$65/hour
  • Weekly pay periods
  • Monday through Friday day shifts with rotating on-call weekends
  • Full-time and part-time positions available
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Up to $5,000 sign-on bonus

Home Health Nurse Skills and Qualifications

Tips: You’ll find the right nurse for your position by identifying the necessary background and abilities in your LPN or RN home health care nurse job description. Be sure to differentiate between mandatory versus preferred skills and qualifications. While the goal is to draw in the top talent, you don’t want to inadvertently diminish your applicant pool with optional requests.

RN Template:

  • Active and unencumbered RN License
  • Valid and unrestricted driver’s license
  • Associate or Bachelor Degree in Nursing from an accredited school
  • Current American Heart Association (AHA) CPR certification
  • Minimum 2 years of clinical experience as an RN
  • IV certification (preferred)
  • Wound care certification (preferred)

LPN Template:

  • Active and unencumbered LPN License
  • Valid and unrestricted driver’s license
  • Diploma or Associate Degree in Nursing from an accredited school
  • Current American Heart Association (AHA) CPR certification
  • Minimum 2 years of clinical experience as an LPN
  • IV certification (preferred)
  • Wound care certification (preferred)

Call to Action

Tips: The call to action is where the time and effort of creating an exemplary home health nurse job description pays off. Make it easy for potential candidates to apply immediately by providing a direct website link or button to your job application site. Before publishing your job description, we recommend having your human resources (HR) representative review and approve it to ensure your language and word choice aligns with company standards.


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