PA Nursing License Renewal: 3 Steps

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Written by Jeanne Kal Senior Manager, B2C Content, IntelyCare
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If you’re a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse in Pennsylvania, you’re helping care for nearly 13 million people, 19.6% of whom are age 65 or older. Healthcare practitioners are among the top five occupations with the largest employment numbers in the state. Many of those jobs come with guidelines that must be followed. This entails completing the PA nursing license renewal process to continue practicing if you’re an RN or LPN.

We’ll take you through the three steps for Pennsylvania nursing license renewal so you can keep providing great care to patients in the Keystone State.

Pennsylvania Nursing Facts

If you have additional questions regarding PA nurse license renewal or PA nursing license verification, try the contact information below for help.

Is Pennsylvania part of the nursing licensure compact (NLC)?


How much do nurses in Pennsylvania earn?

How can I contact the state board of nursing?

PA Board of Nursing Phone Numbers: 833-367-2762; 717-783-7142


Pennsylvania Board of Nursing Address
2525 N. 7th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Pennsylvania Board of Nursing Mailing Address
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

3 Steps for PA Board of Nursing License Renewal

The below steps apply to RNs and LPNs in Pennsylvania. There is a separate process for those seeking licensure by endorsement. Nurse aides in other states must fill out a reciprocity application to be considered for the Pennsylvania nurse aide registry.

Step 1: Determine Your Renewal Deadline

A notice will be sent to you every other year to remind you when it’s time to renew your PA nursing license. RN licenses expire either on April 30 or October 31 every other year. If you’re an LPN, look for the expiration date that appears on your license. Renewal applications are usually available 30 to 60 days before the expiration date.

If you’re a nurse aide, you will be notified via mail of continued enrollment approximately 90 days prior to your expiration date. The easiest way to remember when it’s time to renew your registration is to create a CNA365 online account. You will receive email reminders as your expiration date approaches.

Step 2: Complete Continuing Education Requirements

As part of an RN’s nursing license renewal, PA requires 30 hours of approved continuing education every two years from the expiration date. You don’t need to submit your completion certificates during the renewal process. However, you may be randomly selected for an audit and will be asked to provide proof of completion at that time.

As part of those 30 hours, you must complete two hours of approved training on child abuse recognition and reporting. When you’ve completed this particular requirement, the provider must submit the results to the licensing board. This can take up to seven days, so be sure to factor in the additional time if your license is about to expire.

Note: LPNs renewing their licenses have no continuing education requirements apart from the approved child abuse recognition and reporting biennial training.

CNAs must have worked for pay as a nurse aide for eight consecutive hours in the previous 24 months in order to qualify for registry renewal.

If you are looking for resources for continuing education, be sure to check out the courses offered by IntelyEdu, which is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Step 3: File Your PA Nursing License Renewal

The final step to renew a PA nursing license is very straightforward. Simply go to the Pennsylvania Licensing System site (PALS) to begin. After you sign in, select your license. You’ll be asked to fill out the application and upload any required documents. Then you need to enter payment. The renewal fees are $122 for RN and $76 for LPN.

After you submit your application to renew a nursing license online, keep an eye on your email inbox for any follow-up requests in the event the licensing board needs more information for you. You can also check the PALS site for real-time updates. It can take 10 to 14 days for you to you receive your paper license in the mail. Questions? Take a look at this tip sheet from the Department of State, or call the board of nursing.

Nurse aides must complete a renewal application online via the Credentia website to remain in good standing on the Pennsylvania nurse aide registry.

With a nursing license and certification in good standing, you can start searching for nurse practitioner jobs, RN jobs, LPN jobs, and CNA jobs in Pennsylvania.

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