Ohio Board of Nursing License Renewal Steps

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In order to maintain the ability to practice as an RN, LPN, STNA, and registered medication aide in the Buckeye state, you have to go through the Ohio Board of Nursing license renewal process. We have the essentials of what you need to know about Ohio nursing license renewal requirements, plus step-by-step instructions to help you breeze through your application.

We break it into three simple steps: determine your deadline for renewal, satisfy your continuing education, and provide your renewal information to the nursing board via their eLicense system.

Ohio Nursing Facts

To care for its 11.7-million-plus residents, Ohio employs more than 130,000 RNs. The below information can be useful as you go about renewing your license.

Is Ohio part of the nursing licensure compact (NLC)?


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How Can I Contact the Ohio Board of Nursing?

Ohio Board of Nursing Contact Number: 614-466-3947
Website: https://nursing.ohio.gov/
Email Address: licensure@nursing.ohio.gov 

Ohio Board of Nursing
17 S. High Street
Suite 660
Columbus, OH 43215-3466

Ohio Board of Nursing License Renewal Process

Out-of-state nurses can get an Ohio nursing license by examination or by endorsement. However, there are separate requirements and processes for each that you should familiarize yourself with before proceeding.

Step 1: Determine Your Renewal Deadline

The process begins with knowing your deadline for renewal. If you miss your deadline, your license will lapse and you will need to apply to have it reinstated.

First renewal deadline for RNs and LPNs: July 1 to September 15 in odd-numbered years

Second renewal deadline for RNs and LPNs: September 16 to October 31 in odd-numbered years

First renewal deadline for medication aides: February 1 to March 1 in even-numbered years

Second renewal deadline for medication aides: March 2 to April 30 in even-numbered years

Step 2: Satisfy Continuing Education Requirements

Part of retaining your license involves completing continuing education. All RNs and LPNs need 24 hours of approved continuing education to renew an Ohio nursing license. This must include one hour directly related to the Ohio Nurse Practice Act and the administrative rules of the Ohio Board of Nursing.

Certified medication aides need 15 contact hours:

  • At least 10 hours must  be related to medications or medication administration.
  • One hour must directly involve establishing and maintaining professional boundaries.
  • One hour needs to be directly related to the Ohio Nurse Practice Act and the rules of the Ohio Board of Nursing.

The requirements for STNAs are a bit different. If you’re an STNA, you need to have legally worked in nursing or nursing-related services for monetary compensation either within 24 months of being added to the state’s nurse aide registry or the most recent date of verified work.

You don’t have to submit documentation that proves you fulfilled your requisite continuing education when you renew your license. Instead, you attest on the application that you have completed or will complete the requirements by the end of your renewal period.

Do you need a continuing education resource? There are a number of courses at IntelyEdu, which is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

Step 3: File Your Ohio Nursing License Renewal Application

It’s relatively simple to renew an Ohio nursing license online with a credit or debit card. Head over to the Ohio eLicense homepage and log in or, if this is your first renewal, create an account. Unsure of something? Check out these new user instructions provided by the Board of Nursing. Then just follow the prompts to complete the renewal process.

Your fee will depend on your license type and when you renew. No surprise: The earlier you renew within your deadline period, the less you pay.

RN and LPN Renewal Fee Schedule

July 1–September 15: $65
September 16–October 31: $115

Medication Aide Renewal Fee Schedule

February 1–March 1: $50
March 2–April 30: $100

If you need assistance at any point during this process, contact the eLicense help desk at 614-466-3947, option 1. Once your license/certification is renewed, you can start looking for RN jobs, LPN jobs, STNA jobs, and medication aide jobs in Ohio.

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