Marie Hasty, BSN, RN

Content Writer, IntelyCare

Professional woman smiling while outdoors
Expertise: Nursing, Marketing, SEO
Title: Content Writer

BSN, East Carolina University College of Nursing

Location: Charlotte, NC
Professional woman smiling while outdoors


  • Registered nurse, content writer, and ghostwriter
  • Loves writing about cutting-edge medicine, such as psychedelic research and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Clinical experience in cardiac telemetry, progressive care, and critical care
  • Worked on COVID-19 units throughout early stages of the pandemic


Marie is a nurse content writer and ghostwriter for medical brands. She loves using her writing to elevate businesses who are changing medicine for the better. Marie has worked for brands in cutting-edge spaces like psychedelic medicine education, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and trauma-informed models of nursing.

While working nights during the COVID pandemic, Marie saw how hard she and her peers worked to keep patients safe. She felt frustrated by how little freedom clinicians had, even while risking their lives for patients. She started her writing career to help clinicians and innovators educate the public using evidence-based medicine.

When Marie isn’t writing, she’s in her studio working on an oil painting or reading fiction thrillers. She also loves hiking, traveling, playing games with friends, and harassing her irritable housecat.

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