ICU Nurse Resume Writing Tips and Sample

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Written by Marie Hasty, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
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Are you ready for your next critical care role? A great ICU nurse resume shows off your experience and skills to hiring managers. Whether you’re a veteran critical care nurse, or you’re applying to your first jobs, your resume can help you stand out from the competition. Your ICU nurse cover letter might offer some personality to your job application, but your resume should be concise and formatted for readability.

ICU nurse resume for a job

Depending on where you’re applying, hiring managers might look at several applications before they get to yours. Here are a few tips to ensure your ICU RN resume stands out:

  • Customize: You probably won’t have to completely rewrite your resume for every role, but if you want to stand out, use similar language to what is used in the ICU nurse job description. This shows the employer that you’re paying attention to their specific needs.
  • Spotlight accomplishments: List any achievements like unit awards, leadership commitments, patient accolades, and certifications like CCRN.
  • Quantify impact: Whenever possible, incorporate measurable metrics such as patient ratios, the amount of new nurses you’ve precepted, etc.
  • Clarity: Hiring managers might have just a few minutes to look over your resume, so make sure it’s easy to read. Use bullets and listed items rather than paragraphs. Your ICU nurse resume objective shouldn’t be more than a few lines.
  • List critical care skills: Hiring managers want to see that you feel confident caring for patients at a high acuity. ICU nurse skills may include ventilator management, central line care, or arterial blood gas interpretation.

Need more tips for a standout ICU nursing resume? Our nursing resume guide can help. And if you need ICU nurse resume examples, check out ours below.

ICU Nurse Example Resume

Amy Acute

1876 Care Circle
St. Louis, MO 63101
(314) 321-6789

Objective: A dedicated ICU nurse with a passion for delivering exemplary patient care in high-stress environments. Seeking to leverage six years of nursing experience to join the exemplary team in the CVICU.


Registered Nurse 2 – Surgical Trauma ICU

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital

May 20XX – Present

  • Managed critically ill trauma patients post-surgery, overseeing complex cases on a 26-bed ICU in a Level I Trauma center.
  • Collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to devise and execute treatment plans for up to 2 patients per shift.
  • Mentored 6 new nursing staff, conducting regular training sessions on ICU protocols and best practices.

Registered Nurse 1 – 3C Medical Surgical Unit

SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital

January 20XX-May 20XX

  • Managed post-surgical and medical patients on a 34-bed MS unit.
  • Provided assessment, documentation, medication management, and education for up to six patients per shift.
  • Head of falls prevention team, leading equipment in-services and staff education for falls precautions.


  • Awarded “Nurse of the quarter” for the most patient care notes
  • Leader of the transfusion committee


  • Basic Life Support (BLS License #789654)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS License #12345)
  • CCRN (AACN License #76543)

Top Skills

  • Rapid transfusion management (Belmont)
  • Cardiogenic/hypovolemic protocols
  • Ventilator management
  • Pain management
  • EHR Documentation (Epic)

ICU Nurse Salary

In the U.S., critical care nurses earn a median salary of $84,900 per year. You might earn less than this if you’re a newer nurse, or you might earn more depending on your location and extra certifications. To position yourself for the highest income, your critical care nurse resume should include all of your past accomplishments.

If you’re looking for higher pay, location is one of the biggest determining factors in what you make as a nurse. Check out the states with some of the most competitive RN salaries in the nation:

Put Your ICU Nurse Resume to Work

Now that you’ve refreshed your resume, you might be interested in opportunities near you. Want some help with that? Check out the latest ICU nursing jobs to find positions that interest you.