Rain or Shine, You Can Always Count on IntelyPros

Rain or Shine, You Can Always Count on IntelyPros

At IntelyCare, we owe everything to our amazing IntelyPros. They are the reason healthcare facilities partner with us. The ability to fill those last-minute, seemingly impossible shifts, with reliable professionals who truly care is an administrator’s dream. 

But what happens when a facility’s entire staff calls off… during a hurricane? 

Just ask Kim Young, an LPN and the Director of Human Resources, Staff Development & Clinical Education at The Phoenix Center in Phoenixville, PA. She’ll tell you that our IntelyPros will weather any storm to care for their patients.  

Last week, Hurricane Ida tore through the East Coast, causing severe flooding throughout Chester County Pennsylvania. Situated between two creeks, the roads leading into the Phoenix Center were inaccessible.  

As it became clear that the internal staff would not be able to make it in for their shifts, Courtney Cramer, Melissa Calderon, and Cynthia Brown, already into their 8-hour shifts, decided to step up and stay on.

phoenix center, intelypro
Courtney Cramer, RN

Kim called me the following day, heaping praise on the three IntelyPros for their incredible commitment to her facility. “All three of them took it upon themselves. It wasn’t a boost in the IntelyCare app. These shifts were already boosted. I wasn’t throwing dollar signs in front of them,” said Kim. “They chose, independently, to stay and take care of the 94 people in this building.” 

Courtney, an LPN who just got her RN, was the supervisor on the 3-11 pm shift that the IntelyPros were originally scheduled to work. She texted Kim all night long, keeping constant communication and updates on who was on what floor and what tasks were being handled, providing assurance that The Phoenix Center’s residents were well and being cared for.   

I spoke to Courtney as well, who was returning to The Phoenix Center for another shift that night. “We were all supposed to be there for an 8-hour shift, but all three of us decided to stay. We can’t leave patients with no nurses,” said Courtney.

With almost 100 residents, a dementia floor that requires constant supervision, and a COVID floor, it‘s a severe understatement to say they were short-staffed. But Courtney, Melissa, and Cynthia banded together, working with all the residents, handling different tasks, bouncing ideas off each other, and really providing the care that the residents required.

“Nurses like these don’t just come along every day,” said Kim. “Relentless efforts like this and the superhero side that we have as nurses – you just can’t become that. These three girls were born to do what they do.” 

It’s that type of dedication to providing care that sets our IntelyPros apart and why our facility partners choose IntelyCare.  

“We can always depend on IntelyCare for staff. I have my dedicated ‘IntelyStaff’ in this building. They return over and over again. We know we’re not getting that person that just comes in for the pay, we’re getting people who care.” 

So, to Courtney, Melissa, and Cynthia, a huge thanks to you! Thank you for your unwavering commitment, for being the amazing IntelyPros that you are, and above all else, for providing excellent care for those who cannot care for themselves.

Ryan Moncrief is an IntelyCare Client Success Manager, located in Philadelphia, PA.  


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