Intely@Sea Course Overview – Diffusing Challenging Conversations

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Course Description

Rachel West, Director of Education at IntelyCare, will administer an on-board course during Intely@Sea to teach nursing professionals how to approach and diffuse challenging conversations they may have with patients, residents, and their family members. 

The course aims to define and pinpoint areas of conflict that arise in the care setting, highlight what the intended outcomes and resolutions are from engaging in these conversations, and discuss strategies that help turn the conversation from an emotional or contentious one, to a productive one. 

From this course, nursing professionals will gain skills in end-of-life planning, how to handle a patient that cannot speak, conversations about vaccination, and communicating medical practices and procedures to a patient or family member that may not understand them. 

The course will be taught in a dynamic group setting where audience participation is encouraged, and discussion is supported. 

See the course details below: 

Course Structure

  • Introduction 
  • Course Material Presentation 
  • Facilitated Activities – Challenging Conversations Workbook 
  • Discussion of Material 
  • Knowledge Assessment 

As a nursing professional, you are required to obtain continuing education (CE) credits to retain licensure. Why not get those credits for FREE, all at once, on board an epic cruise with your colleagues?

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