IntelyCare Has Your Back: How We Support our Client Facilities

When you work with traditional staffing agencies, you get 1099 contractors filling your shifts, but nothing else. IntelyCare is different. We hire our nurses and aides – whom we call IntelyPros – as W2 employees, and we give them and our client facilities a superior level of support. We are committed to helping long-term care communities provide better care, and we believe that starts with caring for you. 

By providing dedicated support to the facilities we partner with, IntelyCare helps to make healthcare communities’ workforce goals a reality. In this blog, we will cover the many ways IntelyCare provides value to our clients through the level of support we offer. 

Account Managers 

IntelyCare is proud to provide each of our client facilities with a dedicated, local Account Manager. Account Managers work with you to address questions and concerns, to help coordinate the scheduling of our IntelyPros as needed, and to better understand your business and your unique communities. 

Having an Account Manager as part of your support team at IntelyCare means that you have an advocate who truly knows you, your facility’s goals, and your residents’ needs. This person works in conjunction with our IntelyPro Success Managers – the support personnel we employ to provide a similar level of service to our nurses and aides – to make sure we are matching you with the right talent to fill individual shifts or commit to long-term engagements at your facility. 

Account Managers regularly communicate with facilities, whether that be via email, phone call, or text, or during their in-person visits. IntelyCare Account Managers quickly become a part of a facility’s team because they offer customized support and guidance. From the first day you become a client with IntelyCare, you will know who your Account Manager is and be able to utilize them. 


If you run a healthcare facility, keeping your residents safe is likely your number one concern. Safety in the healthcare setting starts with appropriate and fully compliant credentialing. 

Credentialing is the process of verifying the credentials of a licensed professional to ensure compliance with standards set forth by Local, State and Federal organizations and accrediting bodies. In long-term care, those organizations are CMS, the Joint Commission, and the state/local regulatory bodies.  

IntelyCare is Joint Commission certified and employs the industry’s most rigorous credentialing process for our nurses and nursing assistants to protect our facility clients and their residents. Our credentialing team is made up of experienced credentialing specialists and experts who understand the ins and outs of individual compliance requirements for each state. Every IntelyPro is fully vetted and checked for the appropriate documentation during our on-boarding process. This team also ensures that all provider licenses and credentials are up-to-date and in good standing throughout their employment with IntelyCare. 

If you have any questions about our processes for vetting nurses and aides in your state, or want to ask for specific credentialing steps to be put into place for any provider who wants to work at your facility, you can always reach out to this team via and they will get back to you with factual, helpful information as quickly as possible. 

Quality Assurance 

In addition to adhering to credentialing best practices, making sure the nurses and aides in your building are providing high quality care is likely your second biggest concern as a facility owner.  

IntelyCare prides itself on driving quality care. Our IntelyPros are held to the highest clinical and professional standards by our Quality Assurance team, comprised of former DPH/DOH auditors, long-term care DONs, LTC staff nurses, and many other specialties. If there is an allegation at your facility regarding one of our IntelyPros, our QA team will conduct a workplace investigation. They will follow up with your administration and clinical leadership, as well as with that IntelyPro directly to address the issue and, if needed, provide additional education.  

Furthermore, our nurses and nursing assistants are incentivized to be at their professional best. IntelyPros who consistently deliver excellent care, and are found to be very reliable, are offered shifts in a preferential manner, which allows them to see shifts before others and pick up what works best for them. They also have access to free in-app trainings and education to elevate their practice. 

If you need to get in touch with our Quality Assurance team, you can reach them by calling 1-84-INTELYCARE or emailing You can also report a concern directly in the client platform. Each and every person who reaches out to this team will receive a timely response from a real person – not a bot or automated message – who will work with you to resolve any issues you may have. 

Customer Service & Operations 

If you ever have a question that doesn’t fall under the scope of credentialing or quality assurance, or that your Account Manager isn’t able to answer for you, there is a 24/7/365 customer service team available to assist you. You can always call 1-84-INTELYCARE or email to get a real person to answer your questions 

Are You Ready to Enjoy the Support You Deserve? 

At IntelyCare, we’re committed to supporting our facilities and helping them to fill their shifts with quality nursing professionals. Partner with us today to gain access to enjoy the benefits of dedicated, local account management and credentialing and quality assurance support teams. 


Struggling to Fill Shifts?

Are you looking to build a balanced nursing workforce with per diem staff to increase census revenue, reduce full-time staff turnover, and improve your CMS Star Rating?

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